Where do Polish women go and for how long? They are particularly fond of one country

Where do Polish women go and for how long?  They are particularly fond of one country

Have you ever wondered how Poles and Polish women travel? What are the differences in their trips? The eSky.pl platform found the answer to these questions. It turns out that the citizens of our country are particularly fond of one country.

Polish female travelers booking trips abroad with travel platforms prefer to spend their holidays in France, while men are more willing to organize a longer trip to Turkey in the company of their brother, father or friends. But Italy is still the favorite, because regardless of gender, one third of people go on holiday to Rome, Rimini or Milan, and book their city breaks in Sicily. Typically, Polish women allocate a slightly larger budget for travel: the value of their trips in the flight plus hotel formula for one person is on average 16 percent. higher than the amount men pay for holiday packages.

Where do Polish women go on holiday?

With your mother or sister, with a larger group of friends, or maybe alone? Women travel in many ways, but most of these trips combine the most popular European destinations for a women's trip. Experts from the eSky.pl platform show which countries Polish women prefer the most, how much they pay for a city break or a holiday with a flight and a hotel in a package, how far in advance they book them and how long they last.

For holidays to Rome, Rimini and Milan, and a city break in Sicily or Naples. Italian destinations are consistently the number one choice among women – the country accounts for over a third (35%) of package bookings in the ranking. Polish women rest the longest in Rimini on the Adriatic Sea, about 10 days. In turn, they choose the capital of sunny Italy as the starting point for an average 9-day trip, which in the case of Milan lasts one day shorter. They also fly to Catania and Palermo in Sicily, spending nearly 4 days there during a city break. They stay in Naples for the shortest time, spending about 3 days exploring the Campania region.

In second place is Malta, to which 23% book a flight and hotel package. users traveling to the leader countries of the eSky.pl ranking. Qawra and Sliema are particularly popular, and a stay in these cities is usually of a holiday nature, lasting 11 and 10 days, respectively. In turn, the towns of Gzira and Pembroke seem ideal for a city break, as Polish women book flights and accommodation there for a maximum of 4 days.

Not only Italy, France and Malta

The Mediterranean island country has overtaken Spain, whose share in the ranking is 16%. – Our data shows that when booking travel, we increasingly pay attention to the price-quality ratio. In recent years, this has certainly been in favor of Malta, which offers attractions, climate and general standard of recreation, including accommodation, similar to Spain. Moreover, despite its relatively small area, Malta offers many inspiring experiences, some of which are significantly different from those available on the Iberian Peninsula – says Deniz Rymkiewicz, an expert of the eSky.pl platform.

For Spanish holidays, Polish women most often fly to Malaga, Barcelona, ​​Alicante and Majorca, where they relax for 10, 9 and 7 days, respectively. For a 4-day city break, they prefer to book a flight and a hotel in Valencia or Puerto de la Cruz on Tenerife.

Thanks to the cities of Larnaca, Paphos and Ayia Napa, trips to Cyprus are the fourth most popular among women, accounting for 10%. reservations in the ranking. Polish women's package trips with flight and hotel included last from 9 days (Ayia Napa) to up to two weeks (Paphos).

In turn, the average 9-day vacation of Polish women in France, mainly in Paris and Nice, is 8%. travel to the countries they visit most often. Ex aequo, fifth place goes to holiday packages to Greece (8%). The duration of such a trip varies depending on the city: Polish women spend about 10 days in Athens, 8 days in Chania, Crete, and 6 days on the island of Corfu.

How do Poles travel?

Basically, the most popular destinations among Poles do not differ from those preferred by women, but there are a few interesting facts in the category of cities.

  • Italy (31%): Rimini, Rome, Milan (holidays); Catania and Venice (city break).

  • Spain (24%): Barcelona, ​​Lloret de Mar, Madrid, Alicante (holidays).

  • Malta (18%): Qawra and Sliema (holidays).

  • Cyprus (12%): Paphos, Protaras, Larnaca (holidays).

  • Greece (10%): Athens and Corfu (holidays); Chania and Heraklion (city break)

  • Türkiye (5%): Alanya and Istanbul (holidays).

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