They want to set up a 45-meter structure in Zakopane. Furious highlanders fear radiation

They want to set up a 45-meter structure in Zakopane. Furious highlanders fear radiation

An IT company is planning to set up a mobile phone mast in Zakopane. However, this is causing fear among locals.

The matter was publicized by the website The editorial team reports that the mast would be 45 meters high and would stand on Ustup. Such a situation would have many advantages, but also – as the residents claim – many disadvantages.

Residents are afraid of two things

As Eska points out, the construction will improve local mobile phone coverage. This could pay off for both residents and businesses. However, the Zakopane community is concerned about its health. Journalists describe that the highlanders are afraid of radiation.

And although such masts do indeed generate electromagnetic radiation, it is still a form of non-ionizing radiation. It must be within certain standards that are harmless to the human body. “Non-ionizing” means that there is not enough energy to damage cells. It is worth adding that the masts generate less radiation than the limits actually are. Despite this, the highlanders announce a “fight,” the editorial team writes.

The mayor of Zakopane, Łukasz Filipowicz, plans to talk to councillors about this – reports Eska – but if the residents protest against the installation of the mast, the authorities intend to take their demands into account. He points out that the matter is controversial. The residents supposedly want better coverage, but they do not want a mast, although one without the other is impossible.

Last year, the company wanted to set up a mast in Krzeptówki, but then the residents also did not consent to the installation of the structure. At that time, they pointed to the threat of lightning and radiation.

45-meter carousel on the way to Wielka Krokiew

At the end of April, we described how residents rebelled against the installation of a mill wheel on the road to Wielka Krokiew. However, the carousel was placed in this place. The 45-meter structure caused a lot of negative emotions. The case, as reported by the Polish Press Agency, was reported by the city guard to the District Building Inspectorate.

It was determined that the people responsible for erecting the carousel in this place did so illegally. They did not have a permit. PINB has already taken steps in this matter, but we have to wait for “evidence”.

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