Mountain trails without the crowds? There are still such places in Poland

Mountain trails without the crowds?  There are still such places in Poland

Mountains without crowds and in the middle of summer? It seems impossible, but there are trails in Poland where tourists can commune with nature almost alone. The Owl Mountains, Gorce Mountains or Rudawy Janowickie have not been discovered yet, but they are beautiful and will provide no less impressions than the crowded trails in the vicinity of Zakopane.

Crowds at Morskie Oko, a queue to the top of Giewont and tourists who do not follow the rules of one-way traffic when climbing Śnieżka. Polish mountains during the holidays are associated with overcrowded trails and shelters where it is difficult to find a free place. Meanwhile, in the south of our country there are still many routes that will bring you the desired rest. The editors of Travelist magazine have prepared a list of places in the Polish mountains where you can really relax and in solitude.

A ladder for the persistent in the Wałbrzyskie Mountains

The Wałbrzych Mountains are just an hour away from Wrocław. The band entwining Wałbrzych is somewhat forgotten and visited only by mountain “eaters”. It is an ideal choice for everyone looking for an escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. On one of the highest peaks – Chełmiec (851 m above sea level) there is a 45-meter high cross. The immediate surroundings can be admired from the 19th-century observation tower. It is only open to tourists on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. Interestingly, Chełmiec, although it appears in the Crown of Polish Mountains as the highest peak, was there completely by mistake. Recently, after repeated measurements, Borowa (853 m above sea level) deserved to be called the queen of the Wałbrzyskie Mountains. There is also a 15-meter observation tower.

The Wałbrzych Mountains are famous above all for their elevations. Although they are classified as lower mountains, the ascents that have to be overcome on the route are a challenge even for people endowed with iron condition. The most persistent ones aim at the so-called. The Wałbrzych Ladder. It is nearly 80 kilometers of trails covering over 30 peaks – also in the neighboring Stone Mountains. The total elevation gain that must be overcome at this distance is as much as 4,000 meters. In addition, many approaches are called “the wailing wall” for a reason.

Peace in the vicinity of the Tatra trails, i.e. Gorce

They were discovered in the 19th century. Gorce is a mountain range located in the Western Beskids. Due to their location, they can give you a break from the much more popular Tatra Mountains or be the main point of a weekend trip or even a longer holiday. The culminating point of every trip here is Turbacz (1310 m above sea level). There are several routes to reach the highest peak of this mountain range. From Nowy Targ, it is worth following the green trail. The road through Hala Bukowina Waksmundzka, Polana Solnisko, Wisielakówka or Polana Świderowa leads straight to the PTTK Hostel. Władysław Orkan. On the way, you pass Lake Czorsztyńskie.

An oasis of peace in Rudawy Janowickie

Rudawy Janowickie is located north of the Kaczawskie Mountains, about 30 minutes by car from Wałbrzych and Jelenia Góra. It is a true melody for ears seeking silence. Rudawy Janowickie – apart from the tourist Colorful Lakelets – are a real oasis of peace. Low (the highest peak of Skalnik is only 945 m above sea level) and relatively gentle slopes are conducive to all-day hiking. It is worth starting the trip in Janowice Wielkie and from here follow the green trail through the ruins of the 14th-century Bolczów Castle in the direction of the PTTK “Szwajcarka” Hostel. After a short rest, you can visit the nearby peaks – Lwia Góra (718 m above sea level) and Sokolik (642 m above sea level).

Rock formations are the hallmark of Rudawy Janowickie. Therefore, when planning a trip on your route, it is worth taking into account at least the most interesting of them – Skalny Most or Starościńskie Skały.

Drop everything and go to Bieszczady

Who hasn’t wanted to “drop everything and go to the Bieszczady Mountains” at least once? These two mountain ranges, unlike any other in Poland, are associated with wildness and long hours of lonely wanderings. Although it is difficult to be lonely during the holidays in Tarnica or Połonina Wetlińska, in those areas you can still find trails where you can feel a kind of mountain intimacy. One of them is Bukowe Berdo. A four-hour walk from Muczne, including through Połonina Dźwiniacka or Szołtynia, is a guarantee of beautiful views and a breather from the hustle and bustle of the city.

You can also feel lonely on the route leading to Łopiennik (1069 m asl) from Jabłonki in the Western Bieszczady Mountains. The top itself is forested, but this does not take away from the pleasure of this nearly 3-hour trip. On the way back, it is worth making a loop along the blue and green trails to go through the peaks of Durna (979 m above sea level) and Wolter (836 m above sea level).

The most mysterious mountains in Poland, i.e. the Owl Mountains

It is not without reason that Lower Silesia is said to be mysterious. The Owl Mountains are in the lead – the highest range of the Central Sudetes and, interestingly, the only one that is entirely located in Poland. The area of ​​200 square kilometers hides the adits of the Nazi Riese project, and according to those wandering around these areas, you can feel the energy specific to this place.

In addition, forested, very well described trails are also conducive to all-day hiking. The low mountains (the highest peak, Wielka Sowa, is only 1015 m above sea level) are friendly to both experienced and novice hikers. Apart from the popular mountain belonging to the Crown of Polish Mountains, the other trails are not crowded. And sometimes for many hours of hiking it is difficult to meet another tourist. The most interesting trail is the one leading from Głuszyca through the Valley and Przełęcz Markowa to Włodarz (811 m above sea level) or Kalenica (964 m above sea level), which can be reached starting from Leśny Dworek.

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