The industry is happy with the holidays. One month was particularly successful

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The winter holidays turned out to be unexpectedly successful for hotels. A study by the Polish Chamber of Commerce for Hotel Industry (IGHP) shows that they had better results in February than in January.

The Polish Chamber of Commerce for Hotel Industry (IGHP) summarizes the winter holidays that ended almost a month ago. A study conducted by the organization shows that hotel results in the second month of the holidays were better than in January and more optimistic than forecasts.

Hotels after winter break. A successful February

The study shows that in February the occupancy rate was above 50%. recorded 47 percent hotels (14% above 70%). That's about 17 pp. more than in January. Facilities with occupancy below 30%. it was 18 percent, by 14 percentage points. less than a month earlier.

In the case of holiday hotels, the occupancy rate is above 50%. exceeded 48 percent (16% above 70%). Turnout below 30 percent. in turn, one fifth of the objects recorded it. Among business hotels, the occupancy rate is above 50%. boasted 42 percent. (22% above 70%). Turnout 30 percent did not reach 18 percent hotels.

However, the Chamber points out that February's results were weaker than last year. 52 percent hotels recorded worse occupancy than in February 2023. 35 percent however, the occupancy rate of the facilities improved compared to February last year. – The data differed between business and leisure hotels, in favor of the former. For 47 percent business hotels, the occupancy rate has deteriorated compared to February last year – reports IGHP.

Among leisure properties, the occupancy rate worsened compared to February last year for 64%. hotels.

The organization also reports that in February, foreign guests constituted on average 27% of the entire group of respondents. In business hotels this rate was 29%. and in recreational areas 20 percent.

What will it be like in March?

What will March be like for hotels? – Data on accepted reservations for March indicate a revival in business hotels with a simultaneous decline in leisure facilities. This is due to the calendar, i.e. the end of the winter holidays and the beginning of the return of business customers to hotels – emphasizes the Chamber.

The survey was conducted from March 5 to 11. 115 hotels located in all voivodeships took part. The dominant forms of hotel business among the surveyed facilities are micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (96%).

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