Visa prices for this country will increase. Big changes for tourists

Visa prices for this country will increase.  Big changes for tourists

Travelers who want to get to one of the European countries will pay more. The authorities announce higher visa prices.

There is a place in the world like Svalbard where anyone can enter without a visa. This unique region does not discriminate against anyone, and you can live here without Norwegian citizenship for the rest of your days – provided that you have something to support yourself here.

However, there are also regions in the world to which you can enter upon presentation of appropriate documents. There is a price to pay for obtaining them. It seems that in one place it will be higher than before.

Great Britain raises visa prices

If you want to apply for a UK visa in the near future, it may cost you more. Already in July, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak announced such changes. Higher visa prices come into effect on October 4. They apply to both tourists and people who study here. They cover travelers from all over the world who need a visa to enter or stay in the UK.

The decision was made before the introduction of a new visa program in the UK in the form of an electronic travel authorization. What costs will guests face?

Visa prices to Great Britain

The cost of a residence visa for a period shorter than six months will increase by EUR 18 to EUR 133 (approx. PLN 600). Fees for 2-, 5- and 10-year residence visas will also increase.

Applying for a student visa for people from outside the UK will also become much more expensive. People studying in the country will have to pay EUR 569 (approx. PLN 2,600).

Transit visas, which allow temporary entry into the country, e.g. to board another plane or catch another means of transport, are likely to remain the same.

What do you think about it? Will this reduce the number of tourists going to the UK?

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