The avalanche cut off up to 1,000 people. They can’t get out because of several meters of snow

The avalanche cut off up to 1,000 people.  They can't get out because of several meters of snow

An avalanche occurred in one of the regions of China, cutting off approximately 1,000 people from the world. The element struck a remote holiday village where many tourists were staying. They can’t get out because of several meters of snow.

About 1,000 tourists were trapped in China’s Xinjiang region after avalanches struck. State television said they were isolated in a remote holiday village in the northwest of the country. It’s all because of several meters of snow and changing weather, which makes evacuation difficult.

1,000 people stranded by avalanches

Access to the village of Hemu, a picturesque place near the borders of Kazakhstan, Russia and Mongolia where tourists were trapped, has been cut off by an avalanche for several days. The village is located in Altay Prefecture in the Xinjiang region, where continuous snowfall has persisted in some areas for 10 days.

Heavy snowfall triggered dozens of avalanches, including: to large sections of highway in the Altai Mountains leading to the picturesque Kanas area. Some tourists were trapped, while others were transported by helicopter to a safe place.

Several meters of snow

The snow brought by avalanches reaches up to seven meters in some places, and in many regions it exceeds the height of snow-clearing equipment.

Work to clean a 50-kilometer section of the buried road began a week ago. They are made difficult by rocks, debris, and tree branches mixed with snow. They were broken off by avalanches descending through pine and birch forests towards the river valley. Plows are useless in such places.

As the weather in mountainous areas changes rapidly, opportunities for resupply missions are also limited. A military helicopter scheduled to send supplies such as flour and fuel was delayed, CCTV reported.

In the Altai prefecture – a developing ski resort – heavy snowfall occurs from the beginning of January. The Xinjiang Meteorological Bureau said at least 31 avalanches have been reported and the area will be closed until at least Jan. 20 due to continuing extreme weather conditions.

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