Ryanair will suspend 140 connections from Poland. Serious difficulties in Modlin

Ryanair will suspend 140 connections from Poland.  Serious difficulties in Modlin

Difficulties are coming at the Modlin airport. Tourists will feel the changes and, unfortunately, will lose a lot of connections from the popular carrier. The port will be completely closed at certain times. We reveal the details.

The Warsaw-Modlin airport has had its lighting replaced. Unfortunately, for this to happen, it is necessary to disable some parts of the port. For this reason, there will be fewer flights and tourists will not be able to use the place as before. We will see the changes in September.

Changes at the airport in Modlin. There will be fewer calls

Renovation works in Modlin will be carried out on the airport runway. Everything will start in mid-September and that’s when travelers will lose up to 140 Ryanair flights. Unfortunately, this situation will make traveling from here much more complicated, but after replacing the lighting everything will be back to normal.

The airport in Modlin is one of the most popular – especially among the inhabitants of the capital, for this reason changes can be very annoying. The president of the airport in Modlin, Tomasz Szymczak, revealed that the difficulties will last from 11 to 21 September between 8 pm and 5:30 am.

This situation alone contributed to the cancellation of Ryanair’s flights. Airplanes will not perform the so-called last rotation. Tourists will lose flights to Budapest, Catania, Stockholm, Paris, Lisbon, Helsinki, Dublin, Zadar, Madrid, Manchester and Eindhoven.

The port in Modlin will not be open all the time

Until now, the Warsaw-Modlin port could be used at any time of the day or night, unfortunately, due to the ongoing works, the situation will look a bit different. In mid-September, the airport will be closed for passengers from the evening until the morning.

Tourists who want to fly from the vicinity of Warsaw can still fully use e.g. from the Chopin Airport or the new airport in Radom. Before choosing a connection, it is worth checking whether specific lines are preparing any changes. Recently, he has decided to Wizz Air, which wants to carry out engine checks on aircraft. Popular flights are also canceled for this reason. Speaking of Ryanair, some time ago it announced that it was suspending, among others, routes from Poland to Dublin from Lublin and Szczecin, and flights from Szymany to Kraków or Wrocław.

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