Korwin-Mikke launched the “1% protocol”. “Women shouldn’t vote”

Korwin-Mikke launched the "1% protocol".  "Women shouldn't vote"

MP Janusz Korwin-Mikke from Konfederacja is known for his highly controversial statements. What is even more impressive is the fact that at the Foundation’s convention, Patriarchat also heard even harsher statements than what he usually preaches.

It has become a kind of tradition that when Confederation does well in the polls, Janusz Korwin-Mikke does something that surely takes away votes from his party. His favorite topics are Hitler, pedophilia and women’s rights. At the convention of supporters of patriarchy, he had the opportunity to explore this last issue in particular.

Korwin-Mikke at the Patriarchat Foundation meeting

On Saturday, September 16, in Warsaw, the originator of the Patriarchat Foundation, Mateusz Curzydło, talked about his thoughts on contemporary relationships. He argued that men should be ruled by women. He also said that they should not help others because it is “only one step better than stealing”, and that they should demand “feminine” behavior from women to save them from the scourge of feminism.

Ronald Lasecki, who played after Korwin-Mikke, spoke even more “interestingly” about the relations between men and women. He said that the situation is healthy when men “take care of the well-being of their women, but treat them not as partners, but as part of their possessions.” What was the position of the Confederation MP?

Korwin-Mikke: So that women don’t vote

It turns out that Janusz Korwin-Mikke has finally found company in which he is not the biggest radical. He stated that he would not deprive women of active and passive voting rights. He would leave them free to run for office, taking away only the right to vote.

– It’s not about there being fewer women, it’s about them not voting. If we men want to choose someone, that’s our business. (…) We are the ones who have to decide, not women, he emphasized. He blamed coeducational schools and democracy for the current situation. – Even if only men voted, it would not help as long as there is democracy, because this is the second time they are granting women these rights – he noted.

Once again, one of the Confederation’s leaders criticized the democratic system and praised the monarchy, citing the examples of Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and Brunei. It is worth noting that in Brunei, the government can easily close down any newspaper and television, and the law allows female genital mutilation. In turn, in Bahrain, Sharia law is respected, free media is virtually non-existent, and after raping a woman, a man can avoid punishment if he marries her.

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