A volcano has erupted in Russia. A column of ash and smoke erupted from the crater

A volcano has erupted in Russia.  A column of ash and smoke erupted from the crater

A volcano erupted on the Russian Kuril Islands. This time, Ebeko broke out and makes his presence felt regularly. Unique recordings have appeared online.

According to units specializing in observing volcanoes, another eruption has occurred in Russia in recent days. On February 22-29, Ebeko, located on the island of Paramushir, became active. The explosion created a column of smoke and ash that reached a height of up to 3 km.

A volcano has erupted in Russia

Ebeko is actually a volcanic somma, i.e. the edge of the former volcanic caldera of a stratovolcano, inside which a new volcanic cone was formed over time. It is located in Russia, precisely on the Kuril Islands, in the north of the island of Paramushir.

It is one of the most active Kuril volcanoes. It is 1,156 m above sea level and its eruptions are impressive. He has woken up dozens of times over the past centuries and now he decided to remember himself again.

A thick cloud of smoke and ash emerged from the volcano's crater. Warnings have been issued due to possible dust fall in nearby areas. The aviation code has also been maintained at orange level (third on a four-level scale) for aircraft traveling through this area.

Footage showing the explosion appeared online. In Poland you can see them, among others: on the Facebook profile Disasters in Poland and in the world.

Volcanoes on the Kuril Islands

Ebeko is not the only volcano located in the Kuril Islands. The entire archipelago located in the Pacific Ocean, between the Japanese island of Hokkaido and the Kamchatka Peninsula, is volcanic. On 56 islands we can find, among others: Barański Volcano, Gołownina Volcano, Fussa Volcano, Saryczewa Volcano, Niemo and Rujur.

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