General classification of the Four Hills Tournament. There is a new leader!

General classification of the Four Hills Tournament.  There is a new leader!

After the competition in Innsbruck, we have a new leader of the Four Hills Tournament. Unfortunately, none of the Poles ranks in the Top 10. This is the general classification.

So far, Andreas Wellinger was the leader of the general classification of the Four Hills Tournament. The German was only 1.8 points ahead of Ryoyu Kobayashi. Now, after the third competition in Innsbruck, this has changed. The competition was won by Jan Hoerl, and the Japanese took second place. This result, combined with the 5th place of his main rival, meant that the Asian moved to first place with a 4.8 point advantage.

General classification of the Four Hills Tournament after the competition in Innsbruck

The competition in Innsbruck could have turned out fantastic for Polish jumpers. The White and Reds showed a good performance in the qualifications, as Kamil Stoch was 12th, Paweł Wąsek 14th, Piotr Żyła 16th, and Maciej Kot took 18th place. After the first competition series, “Wiewiór” was 4th and had a great chance of taking the podium. Unfortunately, after a scandalous decision of the judges in the final, Biało-Czerwony was sent to the fire and ultimately finished in 14th place. Kamil Stoch had the best performance in the second series, moving from 20th place to 11th place.

These results mean that Kamil Stoch (15th position) is the highest ranked among the White and Reds. Behind him, Piotr Żyła is in 18th place, and Aleksander Zniszczoł is 26th in the general classification. Dawid Kubacki and Paweł Wąsek are outside the top 30, taking 34th and 39th place respectively. Maciej Kot was ranked 50th.

General Classification of the Four Hills Tournament

LP First name and last name country number of points
1. Ryoyu Kobayashi Japan 857.6
2. Andreas Wellinger Germany 852.8
3. Jan Hoerl Austria 834.0
4. Stefan Kraft Austria 823.8
5. Michael Hayboeck Austria 809.0
6. Anza Lanisek Slovenia 807.3
7. Lovro Kos Slovenia 805.1
8. Marius Lindvik Norway 790.0
9. Timi Zajc Slovenia 783.6
10. Clemens Aigner Austria 775.9
15. Kamil Stoch Poland 752.8
18. Piotr Żyła Poland 729.8
26. Aleksander Zniszczoł Poland 583.1
34. David Kubacki Poland 366.3
39. Paweł Wasek Poland 308.0
50. Maciej Kot Poland 205.2

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