It’s not just the Baltic Sea that they cheat on. Tourists are losing money in a popular holiday destination

It's not just the Baltic Sea that they cheat on. Tourists are losing money in a popular holiday destination

Scams on the game of 3 cups return every year like a boomerang. Money can be lost not only in Poland. Police in Italy warn tourists against a vile trick.

Although it may seem that almost everyone has heard of the famous game of three cups, every year there are people surprised by this nefarious practice. Often they are not even aware that they had no chance of winning. What is it about? We are talking about practices used, among others, in popular Polish resorts. Tourists can encounter them not only by the sea, but also in the mountains. Passers-by are accosted by men who offer to take part in a game – you have to guess which container the ball is under. Although it seems easy, in reality, we are dealing with a nefarious trick. Similar games are used abroad. Now the police in Venice are warning against them.

Game of 3 Cups in Venice

Leaflets with information for tourists are being distributed around the city. “Beware of the game of three cups” – one can read on them. It turns out that the game is becoming increasingly popular there, and the number of victims is growing. A special police operation is to warn other potential victims and increase public awareness of the mechanism of these scams. Groups of men specializing in their field operate quickly and cunningly, and the number of crimes they commit is constantly growing.

The most important part of the campaign is a special information brochure in English that explains the mechanism of the popular game. Tourists learn from it that the scammers are supposed to get as much money from passers-by as possible. The brochure contains a QR code that redirects to a video that exposes the mechanism of manipulation.

In addition, the leaflets contain useful emergency telephone numbers and addresses of important institutions. There are also tips on how to avoid becoming victims of “pickpockets”.

Alarming number of scams in Venice

In Venice, frauds are very common, and the game of three cups is just one of the methods of swindling money. In this case, the game master usually uses specially constructed cups with an additional bottom and does not allow anyone to win. Sometimes, all he needs is speed and cunning to mislead the player. Then the participant loses and his money is gone.

The tourist-heavy capital of the Veneto region also has a problem with pickpockets. Local police say the number of thefts has increased dramatically over the past year, with 17 cases reported in 2023 and 115 in 2024. So it’s worth being vigilant when visiting Venice.

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