These films were most often watched by LOT passengers in 2023. Number one is surprising

These films were most often watched by LOT passengers in 2023.  Number one is surprising

Air travelers have plenty of ways to make their flights more enjoyable and make their time pass as quickly and unnoticed as possible. That’s why we’re happy to, among others: they watch movies. What are the most common? This ranking was published by LOT Polish Airlines.

Do you listen to music during the flight? Are you reading a book? Or maybe you watch movies? Most travelers waste their time traveling this way. Tourists either use their own equipment on which they have downloaded video materials, or use the in-flight entertainment system available on some planes.

Have you ever wondered what LOT passengers watch most often? The portal has reached the ranking of cinema works that tourists on Polish planes watched most often in 2023.

LOT passengers watched these films on board in 2023

The list published by LOT Polish Airlines shows that the most popular on-board items were, among others: “Frozen”, “” or “Friends”. However, they were not the ones who took first place in this respect.

Which production was at the top of the list? It turns out that a production entitled “Avatar: Water Creature.” It is a continuation of the famous “Avatar” directed by James Cameron from 2009. The second part was released in 2022 and lasts over 3 hours, so it is perfect for a longer journey.

What other films did tourists watch on board LOT planes?

  1. Avatar: Water Creature

  2. Ice land

  3. John Wick 4

  4. Avatar

  5. DC Super Pets League

  6. Crazy Rich Asians

  7. Aquaman

  8. A star is born

  9. Whale

  10. In a triangle

It turns out that passengers were equally eager to choose TV series during the trip. Which of them were the most popular in 2023?

  1. Friends


  3. White Lotus

  4. Dragon House

  5. The Big Bang Theory

  6. All Rise

  7. Prosecutor

  8. gossip Girl

  9. Young Sheldon

  10. Bolek and Lolek

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