From the Polish airport to a hot paradise. Two new connections from Poland

From the Polish airport to a hot paradise.  Two new connections from Poland

Tourists from Poland will be able to use two new attractive routes in the summer of 2024. This time we are talking about flights to hot Turkey and Tunisia. Planes chartered by well-known travel agencies will fly here.

The offer of flights from Poland has been expanding recently. Ryanair has just announced that it will increase the number of connections on the Copenhagen-Gdańsk and Copenhagen-Kraków routes, and will also launch a completely new connection from Modlin near Warsaw to the capital of Denmark. This proposition may be a real hit that passengers will use all year round. The first flight will take off in October.

It looks like another Polish airport can boast two new destinations. This time, however, it is about slightly more exotic destinations and flights in the summer of 2024. Where will Polish tourists from Masuria go?

New connections from Olsztyn-Mazury airport

Olsztyn-Mazury Airport is located in Szymany, over 10 km from the center of Szczytno and approximately 56 km southeast of the center of Olsztyn. And it is from here that planes will fly to two paradise places. One of them is located in Asia and the other in hot Africa.

In the summer of 2024, a plane chartered by Itaka will take passengers from Olsztyn to Antalya, Turkey. Although the connection has been operating since June this year, it also appeared in the new flight timetable for 2024. Cruises are planned every Wednesday from June 19 to September 25, 2024.

The second novelty concerns flights to sunny Tunisia. The country is included in the new Rainbow Tours offer for next summer. The planes will take travelers from Olsztyn to Africa every Thursday from August 29 to September 26, 2024.

“We are slowly approaching the end of the summer season, in which holidays in Turkey with departures directly from the Olsztyn-Mazury Airport were very popular. Therefore, Itaka decided to continue this direction in 2024 and new offers are already on sale. The success of this connection showed the potential of our region and the airport – the inhabitants of Warmia and Mazury like to relax abroad, look for interesting offers, but above all, they want to travel conveniently and comfortably from an airport that is close to them. I am glad that another renowned travel agency – Rainbow – has decided to start selling trips to Tunisia departing from the Warmian-Masurian port and I believe that this is only the beginning of successful cooperation. Talks are also being held regarding the launch of other holiday destinations in 2024,” said Wiktor Wójcik, President of the Management Board of Warmia i Mazury Sp. z o. o., operator of the Olsztyn-Mazury Airport in Szymany, quoted by

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