The holidays have just ended, and Poles are already buying holidays during this period. It’s cheaper now

The holidays have just ended, and Poles are already buying holidays during this period.  It's cheaper now

Even though summer holidays have only just ended and some of us are still going on vacation, Poles are already thinking about their next trips. They book holidays including Christmas in large numbers.

According to data from Profitroom, a company that handles direct reservations for most Polish hotels, Poles have already started booking Christmas stays, despite the holidays having just ended. And they know what to do to make the accommodation booked during this period cheaper.

Poles buy holidays en masse during this period

Compared to last year, the number of reservations for the Christmas period has more than doubled. Bookers are also more willing to visit hotel websites to receive a more favorable stay offer. Here they can book accommodation cheaper. This is the so-called smartreserving, which was previously observed on mature markets, e.g. German or Scandinavian.

The interest in Christmas trips surprised Profitroom analysts. However, the numbers speak for themselves. There is a huge jump compared to last year when it comes to reservations for Christmas trips.

At the end of the holidays, the number of such reservations increased by 139%. compared to last year. Such a large number of reservations made well in advance may, on the one hand, indicate the growing awareness of guests who know that thanks to this they have a much wider selection of facilities, as well as a lower price, which will increase as the arrival date approaches.

Conscious reservations of Poles

Customers are increasingly contacting hotels directly, which is also proof that guests consciously make reservations, knowing that it is often on the hotel’s website that they will find the most favorable offer.

The attractiveness of Christmas packages that most hotels and guesthouses have already prepared for their guests is also important. Such packages include, in addition to a gala dinner, a meeting with Saint. Santa Claus for children, animations, and New Year’s Eve party. In the case of facilities in the mountains, lift tickets or ski and snowboard courses are an additional addition. Hotels often also offer special attractions, SPA zones, saunas, etc. in the package.

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