Two tourists attacked on vacation. One of them had her finger cut off

Two tourists attacked on vacation.  One of them had her finger cut off

For these tourists from Israel, their holiday ended dramatically. Both were taken to hospital after being attacked by men with machetes. One has serious injuries.

Certainly no one expected such a turn of events during the holidays. Attackers with machetes brutally attacked two Israeli tourists who were vacationing in Kenya. Both were seriously injured, and one even had her finger cut off. The women were taken to hospital.

Attack on tourists in Kenya

On Saturday, September 2, in the town of Watamu, which is located on the Kenyan coast, armed attackers attacked and robbed two Israeli women. The men had machetes with them, which they did not hesitate to use.

One woman had her finger cut off and the other suffered other injuries. An ambulance was called and both were taken to hospital for treatment. Doctors tried to sew the severed finger back on. The Israeli consulate is working to expedite the visa process for relatives to visit the tourists.

Dramatic holiday of Israeli women

In a statement on Sunday, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that consular services had contacted both women and their families. The authority is working to ensure that the Israeli women’s relatives can come to Kenya and help them during their recovery. It appears that the women’s return home is not possible for now due to health reasons.

Authorities in Kilifi County suspect a dangerous gang of attacking the Israelis. They are going to raid him. Men armed with machetes and knives attacked women for robbery purposes. Their valuables and cash were stolen.

We would like to remind you that this is not the first such situation in Africa. In July, Israeli citizen Francis Adbabayi was kidnapped and held for about three weeks in Ethiopia until Ethiopian special forces freed him after a shooting near the border with Sudan.

In another ongoing case, the family of Brazilian national Antonio Changes Barbosa is still seeking justice for his alleged murder in Kenya in July 2023. According to reports, the man’s body was found in a vehicle with registration number KBY 305D, burnt near the Mwihoko Police Station.

“Officers are trying to find out if he was killed elsewhere before his body was burned in Mwihoko,” said one officer, who wished to remain anonymous.

Eyewitnesses claimed that the gang responsible for the attack set fire to the vehicle and then fled along one of the ring roads. People who saw it immediately notified the authorities about the incident and tried to extinguish the flames.

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