They lost a device with a radioactive substance. There is an urgent appeal to Poles

They lost a device with a radioactive substance.  There is an urgent appeal to Poles

A dangerous incident occurred in a Polish city. A flaw detector containing radioactive substances has gone missing. Anyone who notices something like this should act.

The services in Poland issued an urgent appeal to the inhabitants of our country. A device containing radioactive elements went missing in Krakow. We are talking about a special gammagraphic device. Anyone who comes close to him may be in danger. Be especially careful.

A device containing a radioactive substance was lost

The device went missing near Krakow's Nowa Huta district. The company carrying out road and construction works there is responsible for such situations. Unfortunately, the flaw detector fell out by accident and was noticed only after a while.

Information about the unpleasant incident was publicized by, among others, National Atomic Energy Agency. It was revealed that the flaw detector contained radioactive selenium and an appeal was made to anyone who saw anything suspicious to leave immediately and alert the appropriate services.

In a statement published, among others, on the X platform it was revealed that the device weighs approximately 6-8 kg, is approximately 30 cm long, 20 cm high and 15 cm wide. His photo can be seen on the website and social media of the Małopolska Provincial Office.

Flaw detector in Krakow. Poles are in danger

As long as a device with a radioactive substance is lying somewhere in a public space, many of us are exposed to danger. We should also share this urgent appeal with children, because even they can find unusual equipment.

Why can a flaw detector pose a threat to us? It turns out that even short-term contact with the element present in it poses a threat to human health and life. The agency, which appealed to everyone to be careful, instructed people not to cut or open the tool under any circumstances.

The search is still ongoing and the prosecutor's office is expected to handle the case. Not only the police but also the voivode's services are involved in the action. The areas of our country are being combed, among others. by drones. Anyone who sees a flaw detector is asked to call 997 or 112. You can also contact directly the Provincial Crisis Management Center of the Małopolska Voivodeship Office in Krakow or the Radiation Emergency Center of the National Atomic Energy Agency.

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