A beautiful reserve with a water castle. The Polish Huczka Valley delights tourists

A beautiful reserve with a water castle.  The Polish Huczka Valley delights tourists

Are you looking for interesting places for a quiet New Year’s trip? If so, we have an interesting proposition. It is an extraordinary reserve with a water castle. This is a great attraction for the whole family.

Although not everyone has heard of this place, it attracts the attention of many tourists. We are talking about the Dolina Huczka reserve, which is located in the Dolina Słupi Landscape Park. There are many attractions worth seeing in its area. You can visit the place both in summer and in early January. What’s interesting about it?

The Huczka Valley is an interesting Polish attraction

The Huczka Valley reserve and the water castle located nearby are the most interesting elements of the short 4-kilometer walking route. To do it, you need to go to Pomerania. It is in this voivodeship that the above-mentioned forest complexes are located. It is worth going to the place not only if you live nearby, but it is also worth taking a car and coming there from many other parts of Poland that are more distant from the reserve. The forest area was created in 2007 and has an area of ​​11.95 ha.

This is an attraction for everyone who misses the closeness of nature and seeks peace. While walking, we will enjoy beautiful objects, silence and fresh air. What is worth knowing about the Huczka Valley? The reserve was created to preserve elements of inanimate nature and valuable forest and spring biocenoses. Among the beautiful trees we will come across, among others: for wooden bridges and steps. The main object worth attention is the historic power plant and the water castle.

To get to the reserve, start the walk from the parking lot at the kayak marina in Gałąźnia Mała. You have to walk along the yellow trail. Walking towards our destination, we will see one of the oldest hydroelectric power plants in Europe on the Słupia River. It is behind it that the Huczka Valley nature trail begins. It guarantees beautiful views and teaching points.

A water castle in the reserve. It blends in beautifully with the surrounding area

The mentioned water castle seems extremely intriguing. It turns out that the building was created to close the Słupia River channel and redirect the river flow to the Piękna Lake through underground tunnels. These waters later powered the turbines of a hydroelectric power plant. Although the whole thing looks inconspicuous, it is impressive.

Photos of the mentioned castle and the surroundings of the Huczka Valley can be seen, among others, on social media. People who had the opportunity to be there wrote, among others: “The route is difficult, with many climbs and sandy roads, but very picturesque, which will compensate for the hard driving.” Not only the castle itself is impressive, but above all the Słupia River. Be especially careful when visiting this area during the winter season.

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