“European Manhattan” a two-hour flight from Poland. They will build almost 600 new skyscrapers here

"European Manhattan" a two-hour flight from Poland.  They will build almost 600 new skyscrapers here

The capital of Great Britain, known for its numerous skyscrapers, will be enriched with more skyscrapers. Over the next few years, 583 buildings will be built.

One of the largest cities in Europe will be able to boast of plans for huge investments. Nearly 600 new skyscrapers are expected to be built in London over the next few years, each at least 20 storeys high. Thanks to this, the European metropolis, which is already famous for its impressive city skyline, will become a place comparable to Manhattan in New York.

New skyscrapers in London

For years, the capital of Great Britain has boasted a really large number of skyscrapers, including the iconic 71-story The Shard. The tallest building in the United Kingdom has almost 20 floors more than its counterpart in Poland, where tourists will soon be able to use the observation deck. London will soon be full of similar facilities – according to investment plans, almost six hundred of them are to be built here in the coming years. The NLA (New London Architecture) team presented its annual report, which shows that there are 583 skyscrapers with a height of at least twenty floors each waiting in the queue.

Crowded city center

The new buildings will fill small gaps between existing buildings. The already crowded city skyline will therefore become even more crowded. According to experts, the number of new skyscrapers in London this decade will be more than twice as high as in the previous decade. The reason for such rapid changes in the city's urban planning is the growing demand for office and residential space in the very center of a metropolis with a population of 9 million. An interesting fact is that London didn't always look like this. The English city was once dominated by low-rise buildings, but the demand for life in the capital has translated into changes in the fabric of the capital of the United Kingdom. “Tall buildings have fundamentally changed the face of London over the last 20 years and will continue to do so,” said NLA representative Peter Murray.

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