Two Daniels in the elections for the mayor of Brzeziny. The court will check whether there was a mistake

Two Daniels in the elections for the mayor of Brzeziny.  The court will check whether there was a mistake

Daniel Szymczak, a candidate for mayor of Brzeziny, who did not enter the second round of elections, filed an election protest. He believes that votes for him could have been attributed to another candidate.

TVP Łódź reports on possible discrepancies in the voting results. Daniel Szymczak, who ran in the elections for the mayor of Brzeziny, filed an election protest in the District Court in this city. The case will be reviewed by the District Court in Łódź. The candidate did not advance to the second round because he was four votes short. He received other data from his shop steward. According to Szymczak, there may have been irregularities.

Szymczak claims that the error was an incorrect entry of the total number of votes collected in the 5th electoral commission in Brzeziny. There were two Daniels on the list: one collected 133 votes, the other 233. In the content of the document posted on the website of KWW Mieszkańców Ziemi Brzezińska we read that, according to Szymczak, there was a change and he was to be assigned the greater number of votes.

Election protest after voting for the mayor of Brzeziny in the first round

“We are aware that these votes were counted correctly, the only thing that could have been an error was typing in,” Szymczak said in a recording by the local editorial office, shortly after the first round of the elections.

– In our opinion, the influence of a possible error on the election result is obvious, which is why we decided to file a protest – added the candidate's representative, Leszek Drabik.

A suspected error in the form returned by the fifth electoral commission in Brzeziny was noticed on Sunday, April 7. The police secured cards from Committee No. 5 and interrogated its members.

The candidates who entered the second round of elections did not want to comment on the matter. Dariusz Guzek collected the most votes. Journalists were unable to contact his opponent, current mayor Ilona Skipor.

The court has 30 days to consider the election protest, and 14 days after the results are published, the public should learn the true number of votes cast in Commission No. 5 for the mayoral candidates.

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