Roman Giertych has a new plan. This is how he wants to hold PiS politicians accountable

Roman Giertych has a new plan. This is how he wants to hold PiS politicians accountable

Roman Giertych announced an acceleration in the settlement of PiS politicians. The attorney revealed the details of his plan.

– PiS organized the seizure of national assets not individually, but as an organized plan. And this plan was supported and protected by the highest state and political authorities, said Roman Giertych. An MP from the Civic Coalition announced acceleration of the accountability of Law and Justice politicians.

– This is an unprecedented situation in the history of any EU country for the prosecutor’s office to notice the activities of an organized criminal group headed by the prosecutor’s office and the Ministry of Justice. Therefore, there must be an appropriate reaction from the Polish Parliament, he added.

Roman Giertych wants to hold PiS politicians accountable

The politician noted that “he will encourage the government to recognize that the laws passed by PiS in order to consolidate their power are clearly unconstitutional, if they touch on constitutional matters.” As an example, he gave, among others: Act on the National Council of the Judiciary. According to the attorney, “the consequence should be to prevent false judges of the National Council of the Judiciary from entering the building, and a similar solution should be applied in the prosecutor’s office.”

Giertych will talk to Bodnar

Roman Giertych declared that he would talk to Adam Bodnar about his idea. – Our proposal assumes that the settlement of PiS will be handled by the National Prosecutor’s Office in Warsaw, but operating in a separate building. We believe that leaks are inevitable if prosecutors are mixed with those who cooperated with Mr. Ziobro. It must be a separate building, properly secured, he explained.

– There is so much work, so much crime, new scandals are revealed every day, and the response of the justice system is insufficient. Therefore, we will postulate that work in this building last 16 hours, in two shifts – he clarified.

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