Wassermann about Hołownia: He’s colorful, he’s smart, but politics is more difficult than “I’ve got talent!” Besides, there is only one king

Wassermann about Hołownia: He's colorful, he's smart, but politics is more difficult than "I've got talent!"  Besides, there is only one king

– Szymon Hołownia is colorful and media-savvy, but I think he has already noticed that maintaining the agenda is not an easy matter. Moreover, he must be aware that there is only one king on the opposition side. This is Donald Tusk. Let him remember what fate befell those who wanted to outshine him. Or where are the former PO co-founders now? Politics is more difficult than “I’ve got talent!” – says Małgorzata Wassermann, an MP from Law and Justice, in an interview with “Wprost”. He also assures that he does not rule out running for president of Krakow and warns against lobbyists in the Sejm.

Marcin Makowski, “Wprost”: “If in the Polish political system the president could refuse to swear in the prime minister, I would advise the president not to swear in Donald Tusk,” said prof. Andrzej Zybertowicz, former member of the committee on Russian influence. Would you agree with his words?

Małgorzata Wassermann: This is a very difficult situation. I have my assessment of Donald Tusk’s activities – both as prime minister and president of the European Council – and it is negative. His panic during the work of the WSI verification committee should also give Poles food for thought. However, we live in a democratic country, and during the elections it turned out that the opposition – despite PiS’s victory – could form a majority. I understand that if Mateusz Morawiecki fails, Donald Tusk will be designated as prime minister.

Until we have a final judgment depriving someone of holding public office, he or she cannot be denied it. Even on the basis of the reliable work of the parliamentary committee.

Since there are no proceedings pending against Tusk, I would swear him in if I were President Andrzej Duda.

I understand that this is a longer form of saying that you would not subscribe to the words of Prof. Zybertowicz.

Yes. From a legal point of view, she would not subscribe to Prof.’s words. Zybertowicz. Of course, Donald Tusk is not my dream candidate for prime minister. In PiS, we believe that it has not served Poland well, but we must be guided by formal reasons.

The problem is that the commission’s “partial report” also recommends in its conclusions that public functions related to state security should not be entrusted to Tomasz Siemoniak, Jacek Cichocki, Bohdan Klich and Bartłomiej Sienkiewicz. Some of these names are most likely future ministers. One might get the impression that this is political revenge at the end of the term.

Revenge? None of these things.

It’s probably obvious that we don’t want this government. If we had the opportunity, we would do everything to prevent these people from taking power. Since we do not have such an option, the committee’s recommendation remains.

Why, if her allegations and recommendations are so serious, have you done nothing for eight years to accuse and judge these people?

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