Will this be the PiS candidate for president? “Kaczyński has two options”

Will this be the PiS candidate for president?  "Kaczyński has two options"

– Two scenarios are possible. The first is that it will be a person we know, e.g. Mateusz Morawiecki, Mariusz Błaszczak or Beata Szydło. It may be a person further down the line who we don’t know has presidential potential. There is talk of the former voivode of Masovia, Tobiasz Bocheński. These are the two main options that Kaczyński has on the table, said Michał Kolanko, a columnist for “Rzeczpospolita”, in the “Speaking Wprost” program.

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Here’s a fragment of the episode:

What will 2024 look like politically? “It will be a year of three campaigns”

Without a doubt, the highlight of last year were the parliamentary elections. The high turnout and loss of power, despite PiS winning the highest number of votes, changed the political landscape. In 2024, a coalition composed of the Civic Coalition, PSL, Poland 2050 and Left clubs will set the tone for events in the country. Joanna Miziołek asked Michał Kolanko what kind of year it will be in Polish politics.

– It will be a year of three campaigns. PiS has an uphill battle in the local elections. Enthusiasm after the October 15 elections will continue. The coalition will come back to this. The election result depends on the level of voter turnout. It also depends on how many promises the coalition will fulfill in the first hundred days of government, especially towards women, says Michał Kolanko.

– It will be very difficult for PiS to maintain power in the assemblies where it rules. In an extreme variant, PiS will only retain Podkarpacie, which would have very far-reaching consequences for the party. This would be another blow after losing power – adds the guest of the “Speaking Wprost” program.

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