Tusk after Kaczyński's speech: Everyone is laughing, but they should be afraid

Tusk after Kaczyński's speech: Everyone is laughing, but they should be afraid

Donald Tusk does not stop commenting on the actions and statements of Law and Justice politicians. in the latest entry on the X platform, he referred to the last words of Jarosław Kaczyński.

Only on Saturday, April 28, Donald Tusk sharply summarized the activity of Mateusz Morawiecki, only to criticize Jarosław Kaczyński a day later. The Prime Minister was referring to the speech that the PiS president delivered at the convention in Rzeszów. The opposition politician spoke there about the mistakes of the European Union and the need to reform this political entity.

– Kaczyński yesterday about Europe: “We go there to say NO to all this, but we don't say NO, because today we say YES.” Everyone is laughing when they should be scared. “Today yes”, the day after the elections, they will join pro-Putin parties in destroying the EU. Because your voice was missing – warned Donald Tusk, writing on the X platform.

What did Kaczyński say at the Convention?

At the convention before the European Parliament elections, Jarosław Kaczyński outlined the main points that his party intends to fight for in Brussels. – We must defend Polish values, Polish interests and the Polish raison d'état. What does this mean in practice? This means taking up issues that do not exhaust all that will pose a challenge to our Members of Parliament, but which are the most important at this moment, he said.

– This is a matter of the Green Deal, the Migration Pact, changing treaties, the euro, protection of the Polish countryside, security and, finally, what is the essence of Polishness, as Kadłubek has already written – freedom. There is no Poland without freedom! – he emphasized. – Being a Pole means being a free person – he added.

Tusk and Morawiecki clash

This weekend, the head of government also verbally confronted his predecessor, Mateusz Morawiekci. “Dozens of bombs and rockets fell on the Lviv district today. One of them is 15 km from our border. At this time, Morawiecki is establishing a common anti-European strategy with pro-Putin far-right politicians in Budapest. Stupidity? Betrayal? Or both?” – wrote Prime Minister Tusk.

The PiS politician did not leave Tusk's entry unanswered. “You are a miserable propagandist who is co-responsible for what is happening in Ukraine today,” he wrote. “While you were implementing the reset with Russia, they were arming themselves and preparing plans to destroy Ukraine. You slept so soundly in Europe that the Germans had to be woken up for several days after the outbreak of the war. If it weren't for the Polish government in February 2022, Ukraine could have collapsed,” he added.

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