Barbara Nowak jumped from number two on the list. Andrzej Duda's father achieved a better result

Barbara Nowak harshly about the new ministry of education.  "Segregation, death for the unwanted"

Barbara Nowak won a mandate to the Lesser Poland Voivodeship Assembly. Jan Duda, the president's father, may also be satisfied with the election results.

The National Electoral Commission regularly updates the results of local government elections, which are available on a dedicated website. As for elections to voivodeship assemblies, after At 9:00 p.m., full results from 31,456 voting precincts were presented.

Elections to the assembly of the Lesser Poland Voivodeship. Official results

Law and Justice won the elections to the Lesser Poland Voivodeship assembly with 43.9 percent. votes, the Civic Coalition came in second place (25.94%), and Trzecia Droga took the lowest place (12.39%).

The next positions were taken by: Konfederacja i Niepartyjni Samorządowcy (7.95%), Left Wing (4.74%) and KW Association “Niepartyjni Samorządowcy” (2.61%). The rest of the ranks were: KW Normalny Kraj (1.16%), KW Koalicja Samorządowa OK Samorząd (1.03%), KWW Błękitna Polska (0.22%) and KW PL!SP (0.05). percent).

Local elections 2024. Jan Duda and Barbara Nowak won seats

It is already known that Barbara Nowak, a former education superintendent from Lesser Poland, won the mandate of a councilor to the Lesser Poland Voivodeship assembly. She started from the third place on the Law and Justice list and received over 12.4 thousand votes. votes. Barbara Nowak therefore achieved a better result than the former deputy voivode of Lesser Poland, Mateusz Małodziński, who was number two on the list. Jan Duda also won a mandate from the PiS Election Committee list. President Andrzej Duda's father obtained over 42.9 thousand. votes.

Law and Justice will have a majority in the Lesser Poland Voivodeship assembly. It is known that PiS will have 21 representatives in the 39-person body, the Civic Coalition will have 12 councilors, and Trzecia Droga will have six.

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