Morawiecki warns against Tusk. “He is a very dangerous man.”

Morawiecki warns against Tusk.  “He is a very dangerous man.”

– Tusk is a very dangerous man – said Mateusz Morawiecki in an interview for the weekly “Sieci”. The Prime Minister argued that a victory for the opposition would lead to tragic consequences.

Mateusz Morawiecki gave an interview to the weekly “Sieci”. In a conversation with Michał and Jacek Karnowski, he assessed what Poland would look like under the opposition government. – Tusk is a very dangerous man. If he wins, poverty will return, we will be flooded with migration, they will start to close down the army and the state, and sell off national assets – he said, quoted by the wPolityce portal.

Morawiecki attacks Tusk

The Prime Minister argued that the leader of the Civic Coalition did not strengthen the Polish army because he wanted to become dependent on Germany. – This fear plays into Tusk’s hands because he uses it as an argument for the need to fully surrender to Germany and subordinate Brussels – explained the Prime Minister.

He also assured that opposition activists will change social policy. – They can take everything and they will take everything – said Morawiecki. The head of government added that he knows from reliable sources that Donald Tusk wants to withdraw his programmatic assurances and cover the poor state of the budget. – Well, let me emphasize that the state of the budget is very good. Every zloty is under close observation by the European Commission, rating agencies and financial markets, he assured.

KO leader: Morawiecki is the chief liar of the Republic of Poland

On Saturday, October 7, Donald Tusk took part in an open meeting in Płock, where he criticized Mateusz Morawiecki’s migration policy. – The chief liar of the Republic of Poland, Prime Minister Morawiecki (…) says that at the EU summit he suddenly decided to take care of our borders – he began. He stated that the Prime Minister showed consistency in vetoing EU regulations.

– Either we will have PiS with porous borders, gigantic corruption, visa trade, uncontrolled migration and at the same time with contempt, aggression and conflict (…) or we will have Poland which will effectively, together with other EU countries (…) protect Poland and Europe against illegal waves of migration – warned Donald Tusk.

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