Adam Małysz did not mince his words after the competition in Innsbruck. He pointed out the judges’ mistakes

Adam Małysz did not mince his words after the competition in Innsbruck.  He pointed out the judges' mistakes

Adam Małysz commented in unrefined words on what happened in Innsbruck. The former jumper pointed out the judges’ mistakes and drew attention to the aspect of extending the inrun. The President of PZN also spoke about Piotr Żyła.

The 72nd edition of the Four Hills Tournament is slowly coming to an end. After the competition in Innsbruck, Ryoyu Kobayashi became the new leader of the general classification, gaining less than 5 points advantage over Andreas Wellinger. This competition could also have ended with something great for the Poles, because after the first series Piotr Żyła was fourth and was able to fight for the podium, or at least the top ten.

Adam Małysz: The judges could have waited before releasing Piotr Żyła

Unfortunately, after the judges’ scandalous decision, “Wiewiór” was let go and ultimately placed 14th. No wonder he was nervous, and in an interview after the competition he admitted that he had a bit of a grudge against himself. – This is our sport, you have to keep working and be patient. Let’s hope that these jumps will start to show up – he admitted.

Adam Małysz, president of the Polish Ski Association, commented on the course of this competition and Piotr Żyła’s performance in “Przegląd Sportowy”. – I feel sorry for Piotrek. That second jump wasn’t good. I guess he got fired up and thought he could jump even higher. Unfortunately, there is no stability in sight. Another thing is that the conditions did not help him, he said.

– They (the judges – editor’s note) could have waited a while before releasing him from the beam. Lovro Kos had a completely different wind! I don’t know what this is about and what to do? One can only speculate. Piotrek will be pissed, he certainly hoped that the tenth place would be achievable. Anyway, it was, he added.

Adam Małysz on the judges’ decisions: Hopeless

The former jumper also commented on the judges’ decisions regarding the extension of the inrun, with strong gusts to the back. – It’s really hopeless with the beams. If there was a wind from behind and they lifted, the competitors would not jump much further, and there would be disadvantages. It doesn’t make sense. Sometimes it’s really better to wait than to change the beams, he emphasized.

– I am surprised that Innsbruck has had such a wind situation for so many years, and the competition is organized at a similar time anyway. With such an experience, it would be worth considering a change of time, he concluded.

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