Max Verstappen crushed the competition financially. No one in F1 had such earnings

Max Verstappen crushed the competition financially.  No one in F1 had such earnings

Max Verstappen was unrivaled in this year’s Formula 1 season. The Dutchman dominated the competition, winning as many as 19 Grands Prix in one year. The Red Bull driver turned out to be a winner not only on the track. Apart from that, he earned huge amounts of money.

Max Verstappen won the championship once again. This year, after just a few races, no one had any illusions that the first place belonged to a representative of the Red Bull team. By winning the last Grand Prix in Abu Dhabi, the Dutchman stood on the top step of the podium for the nineteenth time in the season.

Max Verstappen is a giant when it comes to earnings in the 2023 season

Some fans probably felt bored when the Dutch and Austrian anthems were played again. Red Bull created a powerful machine that outperformed the competition. Verstappen was also unrivaled when it came to finances. A high basic salary combined with performance bonuses made the 26-year-old a leader in this respect as well.

For years, Lewis Hamilton was in the lead, but poorer results had an impact on earnings. According to Forbes magazine, Max Verstappen earned as much as $70 million in 2023. This included PLN 45 million in base salary and PLN 25 million in bonuses. The second one was the aforementioned Briton from the Mercedes team, who took home PLN 55 million (without any bonuses). The podium was closed by Fernando Alonso, who, under the contract with Aston Martin, can count on a generous basic salary of PLN 24 million. Additionally, he earned PLN 10 million from bonuses.

Further placed are Verstappen’s Red Bull teammate Sergio Perez, Charles Leclerc, Lando Norris, Carlos Sainz, George Russell and Pierre Gasly. Australian Oscar Piastri from McLaren rounds out the top ten.

Drivers are getting ready for the 2024 F1 season

Max Verstappen is currently a three-time world champion. The 2024 Formula 1 season will start on March 2 with a race in Bahrain and end on December 8 with the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. In total, there are 24 races for the entire field.

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