A skier caused an avalanche in the Tatra Mountains. A terrifying video has been published

A skier caused an avalanche in the Tatra Mountains.  A terrifying video has been published

The unexpected avalanche was recorded on video. The ski descent triggered tons of snow lying on the slopes.

A young man was descending from Smrek to the Jamnicka Valley. Skiing ended with a dangerous avalanche, which fortunately did not take him down and did not meet anyone else on its way. Slovak guide Ján Kořínek published a video from the descent on his Facebook profile.

A dangerous descent by an experienced Slovak in the Tatra Mountains

A mountain climber shared with Internet users his memories from the descent in the Slovak Tatras. The posted materials show the daring descent of an experienced skier from Smrek into the Jamnicka Valley, which triggered an avalanche rushing down the slope. “It looks like the Alps,” we read in the comments. The recording evokes fear and respect for the mountains, which can be really demanding this season. This time no one was injured.

In recent days, additional centimeters of snow have arrived in the mountains and it looks like the season has started in earnest. However, we have to wait until next month for the Polish slopes. According to forecasts, this year’s ski passes will be more expensive than last season. However, there is one way to buy them cheaper.

Terrible weather in the mountains

TOPR has been appealing to Polish tourists since the beginning of October.

Conditions in the mountains are terrible this autumn, and a trip can end tragically even for experienced climbers. On November 10, the Tatra Volunteer Search and Rescue Service issued a statement warning against avalanches for the first time this season. “Due to forecasted snowfall in the Tatra Mountains, avalanche danger level 1 applies from an altitude of 1,800 m above sea level,” we read in the statement.

The organization advises you to always check current weather conditions on their website. Before heading to the mountains, it is worth notifying your loved ones and the hotel or hostel staff where you are going and for how long.

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