Aleksander Zniszczoł did not bite his tongue. Harsh words about FIS changes

Aleksander Zniszczoł did not bite his tongue.  Harsh words about FIS changes

Aleksander Zniszczoł took part in a meeting with journalists in Lillehammer, Norway. The Polish ski jumper eloquently commented on the changes that will come into force in the following months. The 28-year-old didn’t bite his tongue.

The first competition of the new Ski Jumping World Cup will take place on November 25 in Ruka, Finland, and Polish ski jumpers are working to prepare for it as best as possible. Thomas Thurnbichler announced the full A squad a few weeks ago and it has not changed from the previous campaign. Aleksander Zniszczoł hopes to improve his results, but he did not like several organizational issues.

Aleksander Zniszczoł summed up the changes introduced by FIS in strong words

The International Ski and Snowboard Federation (FIS) has made major changes. In May, it was decided that the starting quotas for the best teams in the world would be cut by one player. In addition, the competition hosts can field four additional jumpers as part of the national group, compared to six previously. This would be aimed at increasing the prestige of the Continental Cup. Aleksander Zniszczoł does not agree with these changes, claiming that they will not bring the intended effect.

– After the cuts, the second league will probably be the highest level since the series existed, because the group of jumpers who do not make it to the elite must go somewhere. They have now increased the prizes from 500 to 1,000 francs for the winner, but anyone who wants to make a living from this has no chance of doing so. No reasonable person will answer you like that. And these rates are simply pathetic now – TVP Sport quotes the ski jumper’s words.

He destroyed: “FIS will kill this sport”

The 28-year-old added that the FIS should create a rank between the World Cup and the COC or contribute to increasing interest in the Continental Cup and focus on its promotion. As he claims, this is a goal that can be achieved, but first it is necessary to interest the fans and increase the pool. Finally, he used strong words.

– The emptiness and disinterest in the stands and online is sad. This is definitely a pain in the ass. Because behind the scenes, as I feel, nothing has happened for several years. And there must be some balance between the elite and the Continent. If competitors do not earn money normally, FIS will kill this sport – the jumper thundered.

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