Today is World Earth Day. Google reminds you of this in its style

Today is World Earth Day.  Google reminds you of this in its style

April 22 is World Earth Day. In case you forgot about it, a special Google Doodle reminds you of it. In case you missed this option, we also remind you.

“This year’s Earth Day Doodle highlights how everyone can sow the seeds of a better future – one seedling at a time. Happy Earth Day 2021!” – we can read under a short, nicely animated recording posted by Google on YouTube.

The company also posted a similar message on Twitter. “Today’s Google Doodle video shows how each generation can do its part to renew the Earth. A single act can take root and blossom into something beautiful. We also learn that the animation prepared for this occasion is the work of the artist Sophie Diao.

World Earth Day during the coronavirus pandemic

During the pandemic, World Earth Day cannot, of course, look the same as always. Numerous cultural and educational events take place online. However, the traditional cleaning and planting of plants has been maintained. Also in Polish cities: in small groups and maintaining the sanitary regime.

World Earth Day has been celebrated since 1971, when the Secretary-General of the United Nations signed a relevant proclamation on this matter. In 1990, Poland joined other countries in the world.

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