A breakthrough on the labor market? Cosmic salary offers are exceptional situations

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A marketing trick, an unusual advertisement for the company or a new standard of remuneration for specialists working in the technology industry. The first companies in the IT and AI industry offer high salaries at the level of salaries for corporate CEOs. Some experts believe that this may be a new trend and, at the same time, a breakthrough on the labor market. Otherwise, high-class specialists will go abroad in search of a well-paid job, they claim.

This news caused a great stir in the IT industry. It’s about job offers with very high salaries for programmers and artificial intelligence specialists. Last week, a job advertisement for a quality controller/software tester appeared on several popular recruitment portals, which differs significantly from other job offers in this industry in financial terms.

The company will hire programmers. Much higher than market salary

One employer offered a salary of 55,000 to 70,000. PLN net per month. Its amount depends on the type of contract – an employment or B2B contract is at stake. So far, employers have most often offered remuneration for programmers at the level of PLN 20,000 or PLN 30,000. PLN per month.

The interest in the advertisement is enormous. Links with a job offer for tens of thousands of zlotys are circulating on the web, and the “super” offer – according to the programmers – quickly became a topic for discussion in closed employee groups in social media. To their surprise, the employer does not set excessive requirements for candidates. The scope of duties also does not differ from those stated in other announcements. Many employees in this industry would easily move on to the next stage of recruitment. The only drawback may be frequent business trips to one of the Arab countries.

Companies offer great salaries. You can earn 100,000 PLN net per month

This isn’t the only tech job ad with such high salaries. Another company wants to fill vacancies in the following positions: Deep Learning Engineer, Senior Deep Learning Engineer or Principal Deep Learning Engineer – which we wrote about a few days ago on the pages of Wprost.pl. Programmers and experts in artificial intelligence do not hide their surprise. They could only dream of such a reward.

In this case, you need to demonstrate experience in working with neural networks. Specialists who will be employed can earn PLN 74,000 and PLN 74,000 respectively. PLN, from 74 to 119 thousand. PLN or from PLN 92,250 to PLN 180,811. Here, too, the amount of salary depends on the type of contract. Most of the comments about the dream job and salary are clear cut. Internet users wonder if these are one-off offers or a breakthrough on the labor market is coming. Experts and recruiters speak in a similar vein.

Cosmic salaries. These are offers for high-class specialists

Poland is no longer a country that can compete with others only through the prism of low labor costs. The salaries of Poles are still lower than in Western countries, but this difference is significantly decreasing year by year. In addition, many industries operating in Poland actually operate on the European and even global market. This applies, among others, to IT – says Szymon Witkowski, director of the Labor Forum of the Association of Polish Employers.

Therefore, you can find job advertisements in which employers offer high-class specialists or management staff salaries in the tens of thousands of zlotys. In practice, these are simply amounts that people with such competence could count on in Germany, France or Great Britain he adds.

According to the expert, there are not many such offers on the market, because they concern a very small group of key specialists. – Certainly, at a time when living in Poland, it is possible to work remotely for a company, e.g. in the United States, Polish enterprises, not only in the IT industry, will have to offer competitive remuneration in order to attract people with key competences. However, it should not be expected that this will have a significant impact on the overall level of remuneration – claims.

However, he emphasizes that in the current market situation, when many companies are struggling with staff shortages, the level of salaries will constantly increase and in the near future we will probably catch up with, or at least come very close to, the richest countries of the European Union in this respect.

Cosmic offers will keep popping up. “There is always some context behind them”

Maja Gojtowska, HR processes consultant, speaks in a similar tone. – Such high job offers happen from time to time and will continue to appear. However, there is always some context behind them – it may be the need to relocate to the other end of the world, and in the case of an offer with a range of 70,000. PLN per month is relocation to Saudi Arabia – he says in an interview with Wprost.pl. – Such advertisements may be intended for people with a very narrow specialization and meeting high requirements the expert adds.

In her opinion, sometimes such a high stake is simply to attract the attention of candidates. – In this context, it is worth mentioning “welcome bonuses”, i.e. additional remuneration paid for signing the contract. So far, welcome bonuses have been offered in recruitment for managerial positions. In Poland, they are most often offered by employers from the IT industry. So far, you could find them in the offers of ITmagination (PLN 10,000 bonus) or Beekeeper (PLN 20,000 bonus) – he points out.

In turn, economist Marek Zuber suppresses employees’ dreams of even higher salaries. – These are exceptional situations that concern either exceptional competences that cannot be completed in a few days, or someone needs a specialist right now and it is for him to be or not to be for a project or the entire company. This should absolutely not be made a general rule – claims. – It should also be remembered that programmers will be largely replaced by artificial intelligence. So they won’t be as sought after he adds.

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