Bartosz Zmarzlik was second to none. He became world champion for the fourth time

Bartosz Zmarzlik was second to none.  He became world champion for the fourth time

Bartosz Zmarzlik showed again that he is the best. In the last race of the Grand Prix series, the speedway rider maintained his advantage over second-placed Fredrik Lindgren and secured his fourth world champion title.

The last race of the Grand Prix series took place on Saturday, September 30. The best speedway riders, led by Bartosz Zmarzlik, fought for the world champion title in Toruń. The Pole’s fight for the title was made more difficult by his last disqualification just before this year’s penultimate Grand Prix tournament in Vojens, Denmark.

Bartosz Zmarzlik became world champion

Bartosz Zmarzlik wore inappropriate Kevlar, for which the organizers decided not to allow him to take part in the race. “A few dozen minutes before the start of training, I took part in marketing campaigns, which ended shortly before qualifying. Returning to the bus, I instinctively took Kevlar, which turned out to be the wrong one. Despite my mistake, I was allowed to train by the competition referee,” the speedway rider explained on Instagram.

Due to this mistake, he lost his advantage and before the last competition of this season, Bartosz Zmarzlik had only six points advantage over second-placed Fredrik Lindgren. In the final, the Pole fought against Fredrik Lindgren, Patryk Dudek and Leon Madsen. This race was suspenseful until the end, but ultimately the Motor Lublin rider finished first before the Swede and thus triumphed in Toruń at the end of this year’s Grand Prix series, sealing the fourth individual world champion title in his career. The speedway rider won his previous titles in 2019, 2020 and 2022.

Grand Prix results in Toruń:

  1. Bartosz Zmarzlik 18
  2. Fredrik Lindgren 15

  3. Leon Madsen 12

  4. Patryk Dudek 10

  5. Martin Vaculik 11

  6. Robert Lambert 10

  7. Jack Holder 9

  8. Max Fricke 8

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