Estonian general warns: Either Ukraine wins or there will be World War III

Estonian general warns: Either Ukraine wins or there will be World War III

– The Suwałki Isthmus is a problem in peacetime. During the war he would cease to be one. If something really started to happen, Polish tanks would quickly occupy the Königsberg region. There will be no major problem with this, says General Riho Terras, former commander of the Estonian Defense Forces, MEP, in an interview with Wprost.

Why did the Ukrainian counteroffensive have no effect? Expectations were high for her.

Journalists’ expectations were high. First of all, we need to look at how much support the Ukrainian army received. It was too small and came too late. Americans do not support Ukraine wholeheartedly. During 20 years of fighting in Afghanistan, the USA spent $300 million every day on this war – and yet it was not a real war, but a fight against terrorists. Now they happily announce $1-1.5 billion for the current war (about $60 billion in total). It’s not serious. And if Americans don’t fully commit, Europe has an excuse not to do the same. This means that Ukraine receives obsolete weapons, and it receives them late and in too small quantities. However, Russia was given enough time to build long and deep defense lines.

Such defensive lines are the hallmark of the Russian army.

Yes, they managed to mine 30,000. square kilometers of Ukrainian territory. If demining the area continues at the current rate, it will take 4,000 years. This is compounded by the specificity of modern war. For the first time in a conflict of this scale, both sides know that whatever they do, their opponent will see it. Today it is impossible to carry out any secret operation. As soon as one side tries to use a larger formation, brigade or division, the other side immediately sees it – and immediately attacks the place. This is precisely the situation that has led to the conflict being stuck today.

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