“Thanks” to inflation, we become eco. Surprising study results

"Thanks" to inflation, we become eco. Surprising study results

We stop wasting food, and we prefer to repair faulty household appliances rather than replace them with new ones, according to the EY Future Consumer Index 2023 survey. The rising cost of living prompts us to be eco-friendly.

As the EY Future Consumer Index 2023 study shows, Poles are increasingly implementing the principles of sustainable development in their everyday lives. The data quoted by “Rzeczpospolita” show that as many as 92% of us try not to waste food, and 86% recycle or reuse products. Almost 80% of respondents declare that they prefer to repair household appliances than replace them them for new.

Forced eco?

An important reason why we are becoming more eco-friendly is the rising cost of living. We declare care for the natural environment, but the main decision-making factor when shopping is the price.

As much as 82 percent of those surveyed believe sustainable products are too expensive and 65% he claims that it is the high price that discourages them from buying them. Despite this, consumers expect companies to take an active approach to sustainability. As much as 86 percent of respondents want companies to be leaders in a sustainable future. Slightly less, 85 percent. says suppliers must meet high standards of social and environmental practices. This forces companies to adapt to new trends and change their business strategies. They must not only provide high-quality products, but also ensure that their production is sustainable and socially responsible.

– In the light of this information, it is clear that companies that do not adapt to the growing expectations of consumers may be excluded from the market. However, the task is not so simple, because consumers want one thing and do another – comments Anna Olipra, CEO, GlobalSM, quoted by “Rzeczpospolita”.

– That is why now, more than ever, enterprises must focus on building positive experiences for their customers, providing products that will even partially meet their requirements – he adds.

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