Ski jumping World Cup schedule for the 2023/24 season. When is the first competition?

Ski jumping World Cup schedule for the 2023/24 season.  When is the first competition?

We present the schedule of the Ski Jumping World Cup for the 2023/24 season. When and where will the first competitions take place? We already know the exact start schedule for the coming months.

The winter ski jumping season is fast approaching. The competitors will start the competition in November and finish it four months later. The competition schedule is tight, the competitors will not have much time to rest, but the fans should be happy.

Ski Jumping World Cup 2023/24

As usual, the World Cup will come to many countries. Almost traditionally, it will start in Finland, and then athletes will compete in countries such as Norway, Switzerland, Japan and the USA. This year, just like last year, there are no competitions in Russia in the World Cup schedule due to the ongoing war in Ukraine. Compared to the 2022/23 season, Romania was also missing.

Traditionally, during the Christmas and New Year period, we will watch the competition in the Four Hills Tournament, and soon thereafter the Polish Tournament will take place – the first in the history of this discipline. Jumpers will be hosted by three centers: Wisła, Szczyrk and Zakopane. This is a real treat for Polish fans and a great opportunity to watch Thomas Thurnbichler’s players in action – especially Kamil Stoch, Dawid Kubacki and Piotr Żyła.

Ski jumping – World Cup schedule in the 2023/24 season

  • November 25-26 – Ruka (Finland)

  • December 2-3 – Lillehammer (Norway)

  • December 9-10 – Klingenthal (Germany)

  • December 16-17 – Engelberg (Switzerland)

  • December 29 – Oberstdorf – Four Hills Tournament (Germany)

  • January 1 – Garmisch-Partenkichren – Four Hills Tournament (Germany)

  • January 3 – Innsbruck – Four Hills Tournament (Austria)

  • January 6 – Bischofshofen – Four Hills Tournament (Austria)

  • January 13-14 – Wisła – Polish Tournament (Poland)
  • January 17 – Szczyrk – Polish Tournament (Poland)
  • January 20-21 – Zakopane – Polish Tournament (Poland)
  • January 26-28 – Bad Mitterndorf – Ski Flying World Championships (Austria)

  • February 3-4 – Willingen (Germany)

  • February 10-11 – Lake Placid (USA)

  • February 17-18 – Sapporo (Japan)

  • February 23-25 ​​– Oberstdorf (Germany)

  • March 2-3 – Lahti (Finland)

  • March 9-10 – Oslo – Raw Air (Norway)

  • March 12-13 – Trondheim – Raw Air (Norway)

  • March 16-17 – Vikersund – Raw Air (Norway)

  • March 22-24 – Planica (Slovenia)

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