This place will be the best travel destination in 2024. The ranking has been published

This place will be the best travel destination in 2024.  The ranking has been published

We have learned the new results of the European Best Destinations ranking in 2024. The list includes many suggestions for a holiday trip in Europe. One location trumps all others.

People organizing a holiday trip rely on a variety of information. We check, among others: important rankings regarding attractiveness, weather and safety conditions in given places. Making a decision is often not easy. What can help with this? We propose the latest location proposals presented as part of European Best Destinations in 2024. The Spanish town wins. It delights for many reasons.

The European Best Destinations ranking has been published

The annual European Best Destinations ranking includes the opinions of over a million travelers from 172 countries. They choose the 20 best travel destinations in Europe. Thanks to them, future tourists will have an easier choice when planning their vacation. This year, once again, the list includes cities of hot and attractive countries.

The following destinations deserved distinction: Monaco and Malta, which took second and third place respectively. Following them on the list we will see Geneva, Batumi, Riga, Madeira, Florence, London and Reykjavik. The second ten included Lège-Cap-Ferret, Sienna, Ponza, Porto-Vecchio, Sirmione, Champagne Wine Region in France, the Faroe Islands, Piran, Newquay and Thassos in Greece.

This is the best travel destination in 2024. Marbella wins

There can always be only one winner and this time it is Marbella, Spain. It is a city located in the southern part of the country, right on the Mediterranean Sea. Tourists can swim in warm water and sandy beaches there. The city is also located close to the famous Malaga, which makes it even more attractive.

What is worth knowing about this destination? Marbella was considered special for many reasons. She was extremely popular, among others. among golfers and shopping enthusiasts – you will find Gucci, Dior and Prada boutiques there. Moreover, travelers love this place for the hot sun and delicious local cuisine with Michelin-starred restaurants.

When it comes to Marbella’s biggest attractions, there are numerous monuments, works of art and charming, quiet spots. It is impressive, among other things: Casco Antiguo, i.e. the old part of the city, the streets of Calle Carmen, Calle Gloria and Calle Caballeros, the famous Orange Square and the Ermita de Santiago chapel.

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