Wizz Air disappears from another Polish airport. Tourists will be disappointed again

Wizz Air disappears from another Polish airport.  Tourists will be disappointed again

Wizz Air announced that it will no longer have its planes in another Polish city. This time it will fall on Bydgoszcz. This is the third airport to disappear from in recent months.

Tourists traveling with a cheap Hungarian carrier have more and more reasons to worry. Recently, Wizz Air has been frequently canceling its connections from Polish airports and it is clear that it does not stop making such decisions. The problem is that the line has major problems with engines. Their servicing forced it to ground more than 50 of its planes.

Wizz Air removes planes from Bydgoszcz

The current Wizz Air booking system shows that the network will cancel flights from Bydgoszcz to London-Luton. Tourists will only be able to use this route until August 31. After that, it will be in vain to look for more flights. As reported by the fly4free.pl portal, the airport authorities confirmed this decision. They also added that talks are underway with the carrier regarding the restoration of connections.

“Wizz Air has been struggling with technical problems with its fleet of aircraft for some time now. Dozens of aircraft have been grounded. This situation is the reason for the cancellation of flights in the network of connections that the Hungarian airline has been operating for many months, at airports throughout Europe. We have been informed by the carrier that due to the previously mentioned problems, from September the flights to London Luton operated by Wizz Air will be suspended from the flight schedule,” said Mateusz Dul, PR specialist at the Bydgoszcz airport, in an interview with Fly4free.pl.

Wizz Air is leaving Polish airports. We won’t fly from here

Unfortunately, due to Wizz Air’s problems, it is not the airports themselves that are suffering, but primarily the tourists. Both during and after the summer season, they would like to have as many routes from many places in Poland at their disposal. It is also worth adding that September is also the ideal time for many people to travel on holiday. The aforementioned cut in the schedule is not the only one recently. Is this the end of such decisions for now? It is hard to say.

“Wizz Air constantly monitors the performance of its routes to offer the lowest possible fares on the most popular routes. Based on the results, the airline is optimizing its network, hence the decision to suspend the London Luton-Bydgoszcz route,” the carrier commented on the situation.

We will not fly with Wizz Air not only from Bydgoszcz. Earlier it was announced that the network would cancel its only connections from Łódź – also to London-Luton, and at the end of March this year two routes from the port of Olsztyn – Mazury in Szymany were suspended. From there there were flights to Luton and Dortmund. This situation will continue until all aircraft are back in service.

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