The inhabitants of a seaside town are afraid of a clown. He comes to their houses and leaves strange riddles

The inhabitants of a seaside town are afraid of a clown.  He comes to their houses and leaves strange riddles

A spooky clown haunts Scotland and the inhabitants must search for mysterious clues. Internet users criticize Halloween fun.

Scotland is one of several countries Halloween lovers should head to this fall. The inhabitants of the port town of Skelmorlie, located in southwestern Scotland, solve puzzles left by a mysterious clown. A ghostly figure confusingly similar to Pennywise – the hero of the book entitled Stephen King’s “It” goes door to door, leaving cryptic clues behind. The locals banded together to find out what the bogeyman was planning.

A horror clown haunts the residents

A masked figure raises fear among the community of a Scottish town. The clown was first spotted from residents’ windows on Friday, October 13. The man left mysterious red boxes under the doors of the houses, which were supposed to lead the locals to further clues and discover the secret.

Residents joined forces to find all the red boxes. The clues left there led them to a North Ayrshire village. Unfortunately, instead of treasure, they found a very disturbing object. In the found money box, instead of banknotes, there was a mirror with the word “clown” written in red. The game was positively received.

Not everyone is thrilled with Halloween fun

“The police have not received any reports,” says a spokesman for the local services. Even though the whole situation seems terrifying, many residents happily participated in the horror game. “There’s nothing sinister or scary – it’s just a way to bring the community together. This year is no different,” says one of the involved residents. “For me, I love games like this. My grandchildren also love them, they are delighted with the visit of the costumed people,” said one of the seniors. Those who know the clown’s true identity have not yet revealed who is behind the mask.

Pennywise is a famous character from the movie “It” and Stephen King’s novel of the same name. He has a menacing, white-painted face, a terrifying smile, and red hair.

“It’s all very fun until something goes wrong. By playing a prank on the wrong person, you can really scare someone who isn’t well enough to handle it. You risk getting beaten if you choose someone to fight you!” – we read in one of the most popular comments under a photo of a horror character prowling the streets of a Scottish town. As you can see, not everyone liked this Halloween fun. Other Internet users’ comments were also not favorable to this idea.

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