A train derailed in Białystok. About 150 passengers traveled on it

A train derailed in Białystok.  About 150 passengers traveled on it

On Thursday, August 24, a train derailed on the route between Białystok and Warsaw. Fortunately, no one was hurt and the carriers quickly introduced replacement transport.

A train heading to the capital derailed just after leaving the Białystok station. About 200 meters after the Fieldorfa Nil tunnel, the train went off the rails. Initial work by experts did not allow determining the cause of this event. The matter will be further dealt with by a special commission.

Train derailment in Białystok. Replacement communication has been launched

Tomasz Łotowski from the PKP PLK press office said in an interview with PAP that about 150 people traveled on the train. All of them were taken on the next route by buses, as part of replacement transport ordered by PKP Intercity.

Of course, the breakdown right at the exit from the railway station greatly complicated the situation for subsequent passengers. Trains to Warsaw, Ełk and Bielsk Podlaski have been suspended. Passengers from Białystok were asked to follow the announcements given at railway stations. – There will be information on what they should do. Conductor teams on trains also inform about the situation, said Łotowski.

– The train derailed on three axles, no one was hurt. The train is standing on the tracks and will be “rerailed” by a special rescue train. It will probably take a few hours, but how long is difficult to estimate at the moment – he added on Thursday morning.

Second derailment in a week

A similar case occurred recently on the route from Płock to Katowice. The incident took place on Saturday, August 19 in Zgierz. The TLK 14100/1 “CHEMIK” train derailed. Due to this, there were disruptions in train traffic. “Replacement bus transport has been introduced on the Zgierz -Łódź Kaliska section for the TLK 14100/1 train. From the Łódź Kaliska station, the TLK 14100/1 train will be launched with a replacement train,” the carrier said.

Due to the accident, trains IC no. 4520/1 “HUTNIK” and IC no. 5334/5 “KAZIMIERZ” were diverted on a roundabout route, bypassing the stations Zgierz, Ozorków, Łęczyca, Łódź Żabieniec. Intercity appealed to pay attention to megaphone announcements.

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