This fragment of the interview with Putin was watched by 2.3 million people. “What’s wrong with his leg?”

This fragment of the interview with Putin was watched by 2.3 million people.  “What's wrong with his leg?”

The American political commentator met with Vladimir Putin. The two-hour conversation went around the world. He analyzed it, among others: former Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs Anton Herashchenko.

Tucker Carlson, a controversial American journalist, met with 71-year-old Putin earlier this week – on February 6. For this purpose he flew to Moscow. The interview was widely commented on by the media around the world.

Controversial interview with Putin. “What’s wrong with his leg?”

During the meeting, Putin said, among other things, that if Ukraine stops receiving support from the West in the form of weapons, the war will end within a few weeks. He also said that Russia would certainly not lose in the war. Extremely controversial statements were made, such as that Ukraine “does not have its own statehood.”

There was even a thread about Poland, which allegedly “collaborated with Adolf Hitler” before the outbreak of World War II. Putin also said that Russia had “no interest” in attacking Poland unless the latter attacked Russia first. The same applies to Latvia and other countries in NATO.

On the X platform, Anton Herashchenko, who watched and analyzed Tucker’s interview with Putin, noticed Putin’s limb. “What’s wrong with his leg?” – he asked Internet users. He also published a fragment of the Russian president’s strange behavior on his profile, which received wide attention on the Internet – it was viewed by nearly 2.3 million users of the medium.

What exactly is happening in the fragment indicated by Herashchenko? It looks as if Vladimir Putin’s trembling foot began to involuntarily move upwards, and he used his hand on his knee to control it. At several points throughout the recording, the Russian president can also be heard nervously clearing his throat.

Putin had a heart attack?

This is not the first time the media has speculated about Putin’s poor health. In the second half of October, information about the alleged heart attack of the Russian head of state appeared on the “General SVR” channel on Telegram. One night, security guards came to his bedroom and heard a noise coming from there. When they arrived, Putin was already lying on the floor.

“He was writhing on the floor convulsively, rolling his eyes. The medics on duty at the residence, in one of the adjacent rooms, were immediately called. Doctors performed resuscitation and had earlier diagnosed the president as having a cardiac arrest. Help was provided on time, the heart started beating and Putin regained consciousness,” it was reported.

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