The military lost the fuse. New arrangements

The military lost the fuse.  New arrangements

The detonator that broke away from the helicopter at the border with Belarus has no radio location, RMF24 has learned.

The General Command of the Branches of the Armed Forces informed that on Tuesday a detonator was lost near the border with Belarus. It was in one of the helicopters patrolling the border.

“On Tuesday, after the end of combat flights, one of the helicopters carrying out the patrol in the border area was found missing a fuse in one of the missiles. The flight was carried out along the border strip and did not take place over built-up areas. Due to the fact that the search for the device so far has not yielded any results, we would like to inform you that the detonator has built-in protections and does not pose a threat to the environment,” the Command said.

Fuze lost at the border. It has a security system

RMF24 found out that the fuse does not have a radio location, so it can only be searched physically. reported that it was a fuze for the S-5M missile. The S-5 missile (first designated ARS-57) is a missile weapon developed by the Soviet Air Force and used by military aircraft against ground targets

The helicopters of the Polish army probably took off from the airport in Krywlany near Białystok and headed for operations along the border with Belarus. The element probably came loose due to high vibration during flight. The important thing is that in itself it is not a threat. It has a built-in security system.

The General Command of the Branches of the Armed Forces appeals for securing the site and informing the services. The element most likely fell to the ground in the Białowieża Forest.

Politicians reacted to the event.

“Russian ghost rockets, Belarusian helicopters roaming the sky with impunity and now the helicopter loses the fuse from the head. And Minister Błaszczak is all in the larks”… – wrote Marcin Kierwiński (KO). “The army has lost igniter missile near the border with Belarus. The strongest army in the world according to Mariusz Błaszczak. Błaszczak does not have the honor to resign, so we will conduct nationwide public consultations for him and PiS on October 15. – Robert Biedroń from the Left mocked.

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