European Parliament elections. KO will start with Third Way. Unofficially: Without the Left

European Parliament elections.  KO will start with Third Way.  Unofficially: Without the Left

Arleta Zalewska and Aleksandra Pawlicka unofficially informed during the “Women's Choice” podcast that the leaders of Third Way and KO are thinking about running together in the June 2024 European elections. And what about the Left? The journalists also talked about the planned reconstruction of the government.

The authors of the program indicated the date by which the first government reconstruction could take place. Moreover, in their opinion, KO will join forces with Third Way, but not necessarily with candidates with the most liberal views.

Reconstruction of the government. What names may apply?

At the end of November, Wirtualna Polska reported that the function of the Speaker of the Sejm is not necessarily “rotational”, but the same situation may also apply to ministers. An anonymous politician from the Civic Coalition, in a conversation with a source, claimed that the current government is “a new type of 'bumper' government.” – Everyone can be replaced quickly, there will be a lot of turnover in ministerial seats. You complete the task – you leave – someone new comes with a new job to do. Sometimes it will be a dirty job, thankless and difficult – he added.

Another anonymous MP even said with a smile that “you should enter the government already packed.” He meant that after receiving a given position, you can be deprived of it just a few months later.

Regarding the reconstruction of the government, Magdalena Biejat, deputy speaker of the Senate from the Left, spoke on Radio ZET in mid-February. She revealed that she “knows this is planned”, but she would not call the ministers “bumpers”. – These are people who work seven days a week. In my opinion, there will be a reconstruction once certain matters are sorted out (related to the takeover of power after Law and Justice – ed.) – she said. The station's website reported that the exchange of ministers was discussed here and there about the Minister of Culture Barłomiej Sienkiewicz, the Minister of State Assets Borys Budka, as well as the Minister-Coordinator of Special Services, Tomasz Siemoniak.

What about the Left? The decision may have been influenced by the 2019 election results

The authors of the podcast “Women's Choice” (TVN24) talked about the European Parliament elections, but also about the first government reconstruction, which is to take place in the meantime. Who would be replaced? This is not known, but Zalewska indicated, among others, Sienkiewicz, Budka and Marzena Okłę-Drewnowicz, minister for senior policy – when it comes to the Civic Coalition. From the Left, she replaced the Minister for Equality, Katarzyna Kotula. However, from the Polish People's Party – Third Way, it would be Czesław Siekierski, Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development. – But we know that he will be a “bumper” because the agricultural protests are spreading, so one way or another, he will have to take responsibility for it and give up his position – says the journalist.

Zalewska adds that the Prime Minister does not want “such an extensive government” (there are too many departments today). According to the author of the podcast, the reconstruction may take place before July. It is worth adding that on March 22, the new government will celebrate its 100th day in power.

In addition, there is to be a joint start of KO and Trzecia Droga in the 2024 European elections – without the Left – journalists say unofficially. Pawlicka points to the previous elections, when PO ran against the Left – then “they won a disproportionate number of seats,” she noted. So, looking at the past, those in power will probably want to avoid a similar scenario again.

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