CT paralysis. He does not pass sentences, and the state continues to rob citizens

CT paralysis.  He does not pass sentences, and the state continues to rob citizens

It is striking that the Constitutional Tribunal is staffed – to put it mildly – by people with no outstanding legal knowledge, and several of them are simply not judges. Cases are not being heard and the backlog is huge. The Constitutional Tribunal pretends to act by following the whims of the party that elected its members. Many cases could be resolved by other authorities on behalf of this constitutional court, and this would provide social support for eradicating this – for now – pest.

The Constitutional Tribunal is the smallest but extremely important court. Its purpose is to control the compliance with the Constitution of the law adopted by the Parliament and applied by state bodies. Its very presence should force increased attention to a reliable legislative process to avoid the adoption of legal nonsense. However, people are imperfect and will always make mistakes.

It is the Constitutional Tribunal that is supposed to correct the errors of the legislative power. Very often it is the last resort for citizens who, according to their own opinion, have been wronged by their own country.

This happens when regulations have been applied to them that they consider unfair, depriving them of their rights, i.e. inconsistent with the Constitution. Such provisions violate the right to property, equality before the law, and violate dignity. At the same time, this inconsistency with the Constitution was not noticed by the court hearing the case and the court did not ask the Constitutional Tribunal about the compliance of a given provision with the Constitution, and the court did not refuse – as part of the direct application of the Constitution – its application. Of course, citizens can be wrong and this is what the Constitutional Tribunal is supposed to rule as quickly as possible.

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