Krystyna Pawłowicz in new glasses. “Connected not only to Pegasus”

Krystyna Pawłowicz in new glasses.  "Connected not only to Pegasus"

“New, special glasses with night vision function”. The judge of the Constitutional Tribunal boasted of a new, quite enigmatic, achievement.

It’s really happening. The latest technology fell into the hands of a former MP, a judge of the Constitutional Tribunal. Even to be more precise, not in the hand but on the head. Not only does it look mysterious, but it does not come from Poland, but straight from “Pało Alto”.

“Connected not only to Pegasus”

The technology in question is “new, special night vision glasses based on the quark model.” What’s more, as you can see in the photo attached to the information by Mrs. Krystyna Pawłowicz, they are widely regulated and provide partial anonymity.

And these are not all their features! When asked if they had already been connected to Pegasus, the judge replied enigmatically: “If only there…”…

Unfortunately, despite the fact that it sounds incredibly real, we were not fooled. After a careful analysis of the photo posted by Ms. Pawłowicz, we realized that this is the most ordinary equipment found at an optician’s. Being professional – “adjustable optical trial lens”.

Healthy life Mrs. Pawłowicz

But it is good! Doctors recommend having your eyes checked regularly. Preferably once every two years, and if you wear glasses or contact lenses, as the judge does, even once a year.

We already know that the judge cares about her health. After all, in February she showed Internet users photos from her training at the gym, in which she lifted her fully straightened arms with a 2.5 kg load in front of her.

First: distance

We also know that such a “joke” from Ms. Pawłowicz is nothing unexpected. We’ve been doing the same for some time now. She has even told jokes because, as she points out, “she likes to joke and listen to jokes.”

“Ecik got a bike, he rides around the family house. Mother will: – Ecik, be careful! Ecik once again drives in front of the window and calls out: – Mom, she’s driving without one arm! Mother Will: Ecik, watch out! Ecik circles the house again and says: – Mom, she’s driving without both hands! On the third lap, he calls out, “Mama, she’s driving without teeth.” – wrote the former MP in January.

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