They want to change the emblem and flag of Poland. “2025 is a great opportunity”

They want to change the emblem and flag of Poland.  "2025 is a great opportunity"

A citizen’s petition regarding the modification of the Polish coat of arms and flag was sent to the Chancellery of the President. The idea is to place the Brave’s crown symbolizing independence in them.

Article 28 of the Constitution states that the emblem of our country is the image of a white eagle with a crown in a red field. Details are specified in the Act on the coat of arms, colors and anthem of the Republic of Poland and on state seals of 1980.

A new crown on the anniversary of the Brave’s coronation?

A citizen’s petition to change the emblem has recently appeared on the website of the Chancellery of the President. The author of the letter, Bartosz Wałęga, postulates that Andrzej Duda should use his legislative initiative and modify the appearance of the crown.

The current crown would be replaced by the Brave’s crown, also known as the privileged crown. The opportunity for change would be the 1000th anniversary of the coronation of the first king of Poland, which falls in two years.

“In 2025, exactly 1,000 years will have passed since the coronation of Bolesław the Brave as King of Poland and the establishment of the Kingdom of Poland. It will be an excellent opportunity to remind the world that Polish statehood did not begin 100 years ago, but 1,000 years ago. I think it would be a good idea to do this, among other things: by ‘crowning’ our national symbols with the crown of Bolesław the Brave,” we read in the justification for the petition.

What is the difference between the Brave’s crown and the current crown?

Moreover, Wałęga postulates that the mentioned element should also appear on the flag of our country. The Crown of the Brave would be placed in the upper left corner of the flag. Visualizations of the proposals can be seen on the website of the Chancellery of the President.

The current appearance of our emblem was established in 1927. It is worth adding that it currently includes the so-called crown open. The crown of the Brave is the so-called closed crown, topped with a cross.

In heraldry, it is a symbol of complete independence from other rulers and informs that only God’s authority prevails over royal power.

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