Police on the slopes in Poland. Tourists must prepare for inspections

Police on the slopes in Poland.  Tourists must prepare for inspections

The start of the winter holidays in Poland also means increased inspections, not only on the roads. It turns out that police patrols will also appear on the slopes, where they will ensure the safety of tourists.

Winter holidays are a period when many people go skiing or snowboarding. No one needs to be reminded that practicing winter sports involves some risk, so it is worth being careful and keeping in mind the safety of yourself and others. Therefore, during this period of increased tourist traffic in the mountains, police patrols will appear on the slopes. They will check whether everyone on the peaks is safe.

Police patrols on the slopes during the holidays

Spokesperson of the Małopolska Police, Deputy Inspector. Katarzyna Cisło informed in an interview with PAP that during the holidays it will be possible to meet the police on the slopes. Ski officers will be on duty at organized ski areas located in the following counties: Tatra, Nowy Sącz, Nowy Targ, Limanowa and Tarnów. They will be seen mainly in places where there are more tourists, i.e. at larger stations.

“Skiers and snowboarders should use the slope in such a way as not to pose a threat to themselves and other people. The police will pay attention to whether people practicing skiing or snowboarding comply with the applicable regulations of a given slope, as well as (…) the Code of the International Ski Federation FIS,” said the spokeswoman.

The police will pay attention to whether the persons mentioned in the regulations are wearing a protective helmet and whether everyone on the slope is sober. Due to the latter, they will be able to carry out random checks for the presence of alcohol or drugs in the body of tourists.

Not only sobriety on the slopes

Police officers will check whether everyone behaves appropriately – that is, they do not endanger themselves or others on the slope. In addition, they will pay attention to the protection of nearby nature and tourists’ property. Their tasks include preventing theft of e.g. ski equipment.

If you ski or snowboard, remember to do it in a designated area. Any showing off and taking risks on difficult terrain may be punished.

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