Drozyzna enters proms. A pre-graduation ball costs at least PLN 2,000. zloty

Drozyzna enters proms.  A pre-graduation ball costs at least PLN 2,000.  zloty

We don’t have good news for this year’s high school graduates. The cost of a prom may exceed the price of a New Year’s Eve ball. Students in their final years of high school are looking for cheaper solutions. In many places you have to spend at least PLN 2,000.

This news electrified not only this year’s high school graduates and their families. It is also widely commented on social media. It’s about the cost of organizing a pre-graduation prom. Young Internet users complain that they will have to pay a lot for prom. Many people ask about cheaper solutions because they cannot afford to spend PLN 2,000. PLN or more for the most important high school event.

Prom prom. Proms are getting more and more expensive

High school graduates are already counting down the time until their prom, which usually takes place in January, about a hundred days before their final exams in May. Not everyone has reasons to be satisfied. Price lists in hotels and restaurants can make many people shiver.

The cost of fun usually ranges from PLN 600-800 per person, but there are also much more expensive venues. Such a high amount discourages many students from participating in the prom. And this is only the beginning of expenses, as noted by the portal Dziennik.pl. The amount should be multiplied by two if you invite an external companion. To this should be added a prom “must have”.

Prom will empty your wallet. Proms cost a fortune

The list of necessary purchases and expenses is long. High school students add costs related to outfits. A dress, shoes, handbag, underwear or jewelry costs at least several hundred zlotys. As Internet users point out, rarely any girl decides to buy the cheapest ones. This includes the cost of a hairdresser, manicurist or make-up artist and travel to the ball. And that’s another few hundred zlotys less in your wallet.

In many plants or salons, the price list in January is much higher than in other months, and you still need to book the dates of services performed much earlier. Nobody wants to break away from what is now the standard among their peers, say future high school graduates. A set of clothes for high school graduates is slightly cheaper. Shoes, a suit or a white shirt can be purchased for PLN 1,000. zloty.

Prom prom. Students are looking for cheaper solutions

Not all high school students can afford such price madness. Many students admit that they are looking for cheaper solutions for their prom and want to spend the saved money on holidays. In September, in one of Warsaw’s schools, most students wanted to give up the ball due to the high costs of the event. After talking to teachers, the high school students agreed that there would be no accompanying people at the prom.

All additional costs were kept to a minimum and the school asked potential sponsors for financial support for the students. Some classes move their proms to February, when the cost of organizing a prom will drop by almost half.

To reduce prom costs, many people decide to borrow a prom suit or dress from friends. Second-hand prom clothes are also very popular. It is enough for a dress or jacket to appear on an advertising website, and after a while it is no longer available. – It’s a fun but one-off event. There is no need to spend all your money on new clothes. The most important thing is that we will have fun in each other’s company – say high school students.

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