The woman rents apartments and then destroys them. Journalists reached her mother

The woman rents apartments and then destroys them.  Journalists reached her mother

A 31-year-old woman with a child destroyed at least two apartments in Silesia, although initially there was no indication of such a turn of events on her part. Journalists from “Interwencja” decided to take a closer look at her behavior.

Iwona from Zabrze and Sylwia from Gliwice talked in the “Interwencja” program about a dishonest tenant who does not pay bills and later destroys apartments. As they emphasized, he was a well-groomed person with a child, making a good impression. Both women rented her renovated apartments. They both didn’t expect what they would find after the tenant escaped.

The tenant destroyed the premises

– Everything was fine. She saw what a clean apartment he was entering. We paid the tax every month because I wanted everything to be legal, as it was supposed to be, said Ms. Sylwia.

– The problems started when it came to paying for the heating. A bill arrived for PLN 1,800. I say: God, for what? And then it started. One month she didn’t pay, the next month she didn’t pay. And in July, when we were on vacation, on July 24, I received a message that she had devastated my apartment and had simply left. I sat on the floor and cried because I know how much it cost me, she said.

Damage to the apartment being abandoned

Mrs. Iwona, in turn, could not enter her own apartment for three months, which she had rented to a 31-year-old woman. – She started paying me in installments. She explained that she would pay it, because it was not a problem for her, because it was not a lot of money for her, she said.

– When I made an appointment and arrived, she suddenly had to go to her mother, suddenly to work. My uncle and grandfather were sick and she was supposedly going to a hospice. Then some belated vacation. There was all sorts of nonsense, she added. Unable to meet the woman, she sent her notice by letter.

– Finally, I entered the apartment with the police and saw that everything was ruined, literally. The kitchen, which cost several thousand, was scratched and the bathroom was completely destroyed. Small room, big room, everything broken – walls, ceilings – she listed.

Occasional contracts did not protect apartment owners

Both women rented the apartment on the basis of an occasional contract, confirmed by a notary. This means that in both cases a place was indicated to which the tenant could move out in the event of a breach of the contract. The woman indicated her mother’s apartment in these contracts. She, in turn, started running away when she saw the journalists.

Ultimately, the 31-year-old’s mother admitted that her child was an adult and she could not do much about it. She admitted that she knew about both demolished apartments. She couldn’t explain why, after destroying the first one, she still vouched for her with the second one. – Well, I shouldn’t vouch. I know I just made this mistake, she replied. The case was brought to the prosecutor’s office.

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