Prince Harry admitted he used drugs. Trump does not rule out deportation

This is how Trump and his lawyers wanted to reverse the election result.  "Brave Strategy"

Donald Trump announced that if he wins the US presidential election, he will look into the Duke of Sussex's visa applications. He suggested that if Harry lied about the drugs, he could be deported.

Donald Trump gave an interview to the British news channel GB News. In an interview with Nigel Farage, he referred to the controversy related to the Duke of Sussex's visa application and his confession of drug use.

Donald Trump warns the Duke of Sussex

At the beginning of 2023, Prince Harry released a book of memories written in the form of a diary. In it, he presented many previously unknown stories from his life and admitted that he had taken various psychoactive substances over the years.

Members of one of the American foundations then pointed out that information about drug use is a contraindication to issuing a visa to the USA. They suggested that the Duke of Sussex may have omitted this fact from his application and unsuccessfully asked the Department of Homeland Security to release his immigration records.

Prince Harry's visa dispute

Donald Trump said Prince Harry should not have “special privileges” and the circumstances in which he was granted a visa should be carefully analyzed. “We will have to check whether they knew anything about the drugs and if he lied, they will have to take appropriate action,” he said, as quoted by The Independent.

When asked whether deportation would be the right solution, he did not deny it. However, the US presidential candidate assured that if he wins the election, he will deal with the case of a member of the British royal family.

The current authorities, however, emphasized that the statement contained in the book was not sufficient evidence. They also explained that sharing the information from Prince Harry's request is not so important to the public interest as to jeopardize his privacy. The US presidential elections will take place in early November.

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