They showed a list of the best cities in the world. This is what the TOP 50 looks like

They showed a list of the best cities in the world.  This is what the TOP 50 looks like

There are plenty of beautiful cities in the world. Which one deserves first place is often a matter of taste, preferences for culture and attractions. Time Out magazine prepared its ranking.

Time Out’s list of the best 50 cities in the world includes many real gems. Many factors were taken into account when choosing places. 20,000 people took part in the assessment. residents, editors and travel bloggers. They completed questionnaires and checked how well their cities performed in various categories.

The best cities in the world in 2024

The jurors paid attention to unique districts, prices, attractions, museums, places to spend free time, as well as local food. There was also an assessment of the quality of infrastructure, local transport and the security situation. It was not easy to decide, but the verdict was finally reached. The countries that have the most reasons to be proud are: Spain, Great Britain, Germany, South Africa and the USA. Their cities were in the top five.

The list of 50 cities included – counting from the end – Vancouver, Hong Kong, Osaka, Istanbul, Taipei, Marseille, Accra, Boston, Austin, Philadelphia, New Orleans, Abu Dhabi, Barcelona, ​​San Francisco, Hanoi, Seoul, Manila, Kuala Lumpur, Buenos Aires, Sydney, Glasgow, Montreal, Dubai, Beijing, Budapest , Lima, Bangkok, Miami, Singapore, Naples, Melbourne, Lagos, Amsterdam, Los Angeles, Sao Paulo, Manchester, Chicago, Lisbon, Mumbai, Paris, Porto, Rome, Tokyo, Liverpool and Mexico City.

New York topped the ranking, followed by Cape Town and Berlin in second and third place. London and Madrid fell off the podium. The first place was awarded to, among others, behind the city canyons, numerous skyscrapers and unique charm.

Polish cities omitted

You ask what about Poland? Well, this time Time Out magazine skipped our cities. However, we do not have to despair, because Poland has already been appreciated many times in global and European plebiscites. He played a significant role, among others: Kraków, but also our mountain ranges. When Euromonitor International announced its ranking of cities at the end of the year, Warsaw was appreciated – it was placed in 44th place, surpassing, among others, Copenhagen or Beijing. As you can see, the assessment may vary depending on the factors we focus on.

In your opinion, which city is worth the most attention?

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